Agenda for September 2015 meeting

Agenda for September 2015 board meeting

Meeting to be held at 3pm BST on Saturday 26 September 2015
at #autscape

Apologies: Joseph, Liz, Trish (late arrival)

1. Ratifications

1.1 The decision made on the 2nd August to delegate authority to Peter to
book transport as required for the shuttle service up to a maximum of £500.
(3 For. Stephen was unable to vote.)

1.2 The decision made on the 7th August to, as an exception to the
cancellation policy, to refund the Autscape registration fee for booking
BK644R, minus a £80 administrative fee in spite of the participant
cancelling after the deadline. (6 For. Stephen was unable to vote.)

1.3 The decision made on the 17th of August to delegate the paying of the
Jump Networks Ltd invoice of £70.12 for web hosting to those with the
ability to access the system to pay it. (6 For. Stephen was unable to vote.)

1.4 The decision made in principle on the 22nd of September to book
Giggleswick for Autscape 2016. (6 For) [See Appendix A]

1.5 The decision made on the 22nd of September to give permission to Peter
to make an overhaul to treasurer practices. (6 For, 1 Against) [See
Appendix B]

2. Proposals

2.1 The Company Secretary proposes that we split Treasurer into Company
Treasurer and two Bookkeepers and no longer appoint a vice Treasurer. [See
Appendix C for rationale]

2.2 Debbie proposes that the contract with Jump Networks for webhosting be
changed to annual, saving 10% on the cost.

2.3 Debbie proposes that we authorise the overspend made by Debbie, Kalen
and Elaine on the budget assigned for registration material. This overspend
was caused by a last minute transfer of who was doing it on account of
Stephen's illness.

3. Follow Ups

3.1 Receipts for expense claims (All)

3.2 Chat List Policy (Elaine)

3.3 Inclusion Policy (Elaine)

3.4 Reserves Policy (Stephen, sent follow up report to list)

3.5 Chen's Videos (Martijn)

3.6 Chat List Moderation (Volunteers needed)

3.7 Lost Property (Volunteer needed)

3.8 Personal Data Retention Policy (Elaine)

3.9 Domain Purchase (Martijn)

3.10 Font Licence (Martijn)

4. Role Reports

4.1 Chair (Martijn)

4.2 Treasurer (Stephen)

4.3 Company Secretary (Elaine)

4.4 Web Systems (Martijn)

4.5 Honorary Secretary (Stephen)

4.6 Outgoing Programme Coordinator (Draft report sent to board) (Kalen)

4.7 Outgoing Venue Coordinator (Elaine)

4.8 Outgoing Childcare Coordinator (Elaine)

4.9 Outgoing Registrar (Debbie)

4.10 Outgoing On-site Team Coordinator (Draft report sent to board)

5. Subcommittee Reports

5.1 Fundraising (Liz)

5.2 Publicity and Publications (Martijn)

5.3 Merchandise and Purchasing (Stephen)

6. AOB

Closed portion of meeting

7. Role Assignments [See Appendix D for candidate statements]

7.1 Chair (Last year: Martijn; Candidates: Kalen)

7.2 Vice Chair (Last year: Trish; Candidates: Kalen, Trish)

7.2 Company Treasurer (Last year: Peter, then Debbie, then Stephen;
Candidates: Debbie)

7.3 Bookkeeper(s) (Candidates: Jeremy, Stephen, Trish)

7.4 Venue Coordinator 2016 (Last year Elaine, Candidates: Elaine)

7.5 Venue Coordinator 2017 (Candidates: Elaine, Joseph)

7.6 Programme Coordinator (Last year Kalen, Candidates: Kalen)

Appendix A - Summary of discussion for booking Giggleswick in principle

Prior to the proposal it was suggested that booking Giggleswick for 2016
would allow us time to find a more physically accessible venue for 2017
while we have time to look for one that meets our other criteria.

There was some discussion on what, exactly, 'in principle' meant in this
context, and it was clarified that it included having access to the venue's
ground floor bedrooms. Martijn objected to being asked to vote on something
in principle as opposed to a concrete proposal, and abstained on account of

The Company Secretary advised that it was not unusual to vote for something
in principle and it had been used by Autscape for similar reasons in the

Appendix B - Summary of discussion for granting permission to overhaul
treasurer practices.

The changes to the system that were suggested to us by our Consultant For
Database and Other Services to help meet the legal responsibilities that
will come once we exceed £25,000 income would require a change in how we
handle expenses and budgets from how we currently handle them. There was
some dispute as to why this was being proposed. It was therefore clarified
that our Consultant could only make changes as delegated to him from the
board so this proposal sought that authority to delegate him the task.

There was some concern expressed about new treasurer practices being put in
place by someone other than Treasurer, although both Treasurer and Vice
Treasurer voted in favour of the proposal.

Appendix C - Rationale for 2.1

The intention being that the Company Treasurer retains full responsibility
for the accounts but the bookkeepers take care of the routine entries.

The Treasurer recommends that at least two bookkeepers are appointed and
possibly more at high traffic periods. They further recommend that they be
appointed as authorised signatories.

Given that the above could maintain the accounts in the absence of the
Treasurer it is recommended that we do not appoint a vice Treasurer. If the
Treasurer resigns or is unable to perform their duties the board would
appoint a new Treasurer.

Appendix D - Candidate Statements for 7

Kalen for Chair, Vice Chair and Programme Coordinator:

I would like to be considered for any of these. Although my performance as
programme coordinator was certainly sub-optimal this year, I believe a lot
of that can be relieved by knowing the venue. I think I have the time to do
any of these roles to the best of my ability because all but one of my
children are in school now and the last is in nursery 2 days per week. If I
am chair, I hope we can have someone in the works to take over next year or
the year after. I find it hard to communicate with an assistant or vice,
but would try. I hope that this year we can shore things up for some major
development over the following few years.

Trish for Vice-Chair

I have done this before although probably not to best advantage as I was
supporting someone close through cancer (the treatment finished recently).
I also feel the role alters depending on the chair and their own ability to
share the task and communicate.I am keen to keep going with this and
develop the role.

Debbie for Treasurer

Provided the board wishes to go over the 25K hurdle and is willing for
Peter to make the changes I outlined in an email some weeks back (links
below) then I would like to stand for treasurer.  I have given this a lot
of thought and those emails were a result of that.

I do not wish to be a bookkeeper.  We may want to consider having two
bookkeepers as it is a busy role while registration is open.  We see paypal
payments immediately, however we need the bookkeepers to regularly log into
the bank to see who has paid by bank transfer as places are not reserved
until we have received payment. This is especially important at the
beginning of registration when it is very busy.  The time and commitment
there should not be underestimated.

We may wish to set up a sub committee / working group that we invite Peter
to join. We can discuss in detail there any suggestions or proposals to be
made to the board.

As treasurer I would liaise between Peter and the board, plus this possible
sc/wg so that both sides are kept up to date regarding decisions and
discussions which have the potential to affect the other side.  I saw at
first hand this year how the board and the transport coordinator did not
communicate well between them and now firmly believe that someone, ie
treasurer, needs to proactively decide to be that communication channel for
a project this large to succeed when one person is not on the board itself.

I am not necessarily interested in keeping the treasurer role long term. My
hope for this year is to revise our procedures with the help of Peter's
programming so that we can go over 25K after Autscape 2016. Therefore it
could be worth while for anyone who thinks they may be interested in
treasurer in a future year to volunteer for one of the book keeper roles
this year. That way you would gain an understanding of Autscape's new
systems before volunteering for treasurer in a future year.

I know we are not discussing registrar at this meeting, however as I would
find treasurer a substantial piece of work this year, I would like to have
registrar as well as I enjoy it and it would be a balance to the more
difficult treasurer side.

Stephen for Bookeeper

I do not anticipate being able to keep up with the bookeeper role over the
registration period on account of my upcoming wedding that's liable to keep
me busy during the registration period (Though if we have multiple, I'd be
perfectly happy to be one of them, as long as people know going in that I'm
going to be at my least able to do it at the most important time for the
bookeeping to stay on time), but am very happy for Debbie to serve as

Jeremy for Bookeeper

I am employed as a book-keeper, and this was in mind when I applied to the
board, as I declared in my nomination biography.

Trish for Bookeeper

I am also interested in book keeper but not in progressing to treasurer
from there at this stage. I have been treasurer for smaller concerns in the
past. As we have two people who are happy to do this I am not bothered
about standing for that this year

Elaine for Venue Coordinator 2016 and 2017

I have been the venue coordinator for 3 years now and know the role well. I
have also done a lot of research into future venues. I can also communicate
with venues via phone or email.

Joseph for Venue Coordinator 2017

After discussing the post with Debbie, I have decided that, I would like to
run for the position of 2017 venue search co-ordinator. I have done mystery
shopping many times in the past, so I can easily and efficiently assess
what is on offer and write a clear report about the suitability of the