Agenda for October 2015 meeting

Agenda for October 2015 board meeting

Meeting to be held at 3pm BST on Saturday 24 October 2015
at #autscape

Apologies: Debbie, Elaine

1. Approvals

1.1 September meeting minutes

2. Ratifications

2.1 The decision to allow the chair to withdraw the report he submitted as
item 4.1 in the September 2015 meeting. Decision taken 30th September (7

3. Proposals

3.1 The Chair proposes that Autscape should endeavour to grow to meet
demand over the next 5 years and to put in place any necessary
administrative procedures and other support structures necessary for that
to happen. (See Appendix A for time limit rationale.)

4. Follow Ups

4.1 Read and commenting on chat list policy (All)

4.2 Reserves policy (Stephen)

5. Role Reports

5.1 Chair (Kalen)
5.2 Treasurer (Debbie)
5.3 Company Secretary  (chat list, inclusion and data retention policies)
5.4 Web Systems (domain purchase, font licence tracking page) (Martijn)
5.5 Honorary Secretary (Stephen)
5.6 Outgoing 2015 Programme Coordinator Report (Kalen)
5.7 Outgoing 2015 Venue Coordinator Report (Elaine)
5.8 Outgoing 2015 Registrar Report (Debbie)
5.9 Outgoing on-site team coordinator report (Stephen)

6. Subcommittee Reports

6.1 Fundraising (Liz)

6.2 Publicity and Publications (Martijn)

7. AOB

Closed portion of meeting

8. Role Assignments

8.1 Chat List Moderators

Appendix A - Rationale for time limit in 3.1

A time limit is included so as not to cause unanticipated issues for
Autscape in the future if they find themselves expanding beyond their
ability to cope. It is meant to set up a re-evaluation at that time and any
such time limit should be documented so the board will remember to do it.