Agenda for July 2015 meeting

Agenda for July 2015 board meeting

Meeting to be held at 3pm BST on Sunday 02 August 2015
at #autscape (rescheduled from 25 July)

Appologies: Liz (Possible absence), Stephen

1. Ratifications

1.1 The board decided in principle for Chen to film presentations (6 for)
(See Appendix A for summary of discussion) (1st August)

1.2 The board decided to renew our CaSE insurance for another year for
£515.78. (7 for) (23rd July)

2. Proposals

2.1 The Company Secretary proposes we approve the expenses policy, sent to
the board on Jun 29th.

2.2 Debbie proposes that the programme coordinator and registrar are always
offered the opportunity to stay at the venue the night before with Autscape
paying the cost of that night and the meals, regardless of whether or not
they are members of the on-site team. (See Appendix B for rationale)

2.3 Debbie proposes that the same criteria be applied to select people to
be on the on-site team, whether they are or not board members for 2016.

2.4 Minimum time for contributions

2.4a Debbie proposes that there should be a minimum time given for
contributions on a topic to be made on board. This time is for all to have
a chance to read and reply to the issue in hand.

If 2.4a passes Debbie also proposes: If this is agreed then vote on the
following two items

b. This time to be given at the start of a thread.

c. Recommend minimum periods.

3 x 24 hour periods: usual.
1 x 24 hour period: emergency (must state why)

It is always allowed to have a longer stated time.

2.5 Debbie proposes that we change the announce list subscribe policy to be
in line with best practice. This means instead of subscribing all who
register, in future it is opt-in only. For example they could be asked this
during the registration process.

3. Follow Ups

3.1 Adoptation of new policies regarding observers.
3.2 Finance Authorisations (Stephen)
3.3 Start of info pack (Martijn)
3.4 Amendment to reserves policy (Stephen)
3.5 Personal Data Retention Policy (Elaine?)
3.6 Domain Purchase (Martijn)
3.7 Purchase of Font License (Martijn)
3.8 Yo has offered to transport Autscape's items currently in storage.

4. Role Reports

4.1 Chair (Martijn)
4.2 Treasurer (Stephen)
4.3 Company Secretary (Elaine)
4.4 Web Systems (Martijn)
4.5 Honorary Secretary (Stephen)
4.6 Programme Coordinator (Kalen)
4.7 Venue Coordinator (Elaine)
4.8 Childcare Coordinator (Elaine)
4.9 Registrar (Debbie)
4.10 On-site Team Coordinator (Stephen)

5. Subcommittee Reports

5.1 Fundraising (Liz)
5.2 Publicity and Publications (Martijn)
5.3 Merchandise and Purchasing (Stephen)

6. Any Other Business

Appendix A - Sumary of discussion for 1.1

Several of the board members agreeing in principle to the filming of
presentations explicitly stated that steps needed to be taken to ensure
that people in the audience weren't caught in the recording as part of the
specific terms we agree to with Chen. The discussion prior to the vote
pointed out that it would potentially expand the reach of the presentations
outside of those who are able to attend Autscape, and indicated that Chen
only intends to film presenters, and will take steps to delete questions
asked by audience members who do not wish to be filmed, while leaving the
responses to those questions in place. Kalen also indicated that most
presenters have agreed to be filmed.

Appendix B - Rationale of item 2.2

Venues provide plans which we used for scheduling and bedroom assignments.
However the plans are only so good. Sometimes when a space is seen for real
an amendment is needed.  It is better that the people in these roles who
have the context make the decisions in order to provide a better experience
for all.