Minutes of July 2015 meeting

Minutes of meeting of the Board of directors of The Autscape Organisation

Meeting date: Sunday 2nd August 2015 (postponed from Saturday 25th July)

Meeting time: 15:00 BST

Meeting Chair: Martijn

Present: Debbie, Elaine, Kalen, Martijn, Trish

Apologies: Liz, Stephen

1. Ratifications

1.1 The decision in principle taken on the board list on 1st August for Chen
    to film presentations (6 for) (See Appendix A for summary of discussion)

1.2 The decision taken on the board list on 23rd July to renew our annual
    CaSE insurance for £515.78. (7 for)

2. Proposals
2.1 The Company Secretary proposed we approve the expenses policy, sent to
    the board on Jun 29th. The board approved the proposal (5 for).
2.2 Debbie proposed that the programme coordinator and registrar are always
    offered the opportunity to stay at the venue the night before with
    Autscape paying the cost of that night and the meals, regardless of
    whether or not they are members of the on-site team. (See Appendix B for
    2.2 carried, 5 for
2.3 Debbie proposed that the same criteria be applied to select people to be
    on the on-site team, whether they are or not board members for 2016.

    Rationale: The majority of us trustees are also beneficiaries of the
    charity as the charity is aimed at a group we happen to be in. It's very
    important that the charity is operated for the benefit of ALL its
    beneficiaries and not just the ones that happen to be on the board. The
    board do not get priority regarding registration or presenting however
    the board do get priority on the on-site team.

    There was a short discussion where it was pointed out that this is
    historical, dating back to the time when the on site team were not
    separate, and that the Board are different in that they undergo DBS
    checks and have legal obligations.

    It was also suggested in future we reconsider giving more than one
    discount for presenters on the on site team.

    The proposal was reworded: Debbie proposed that from 2016 the on-site
    team is selected from volunteers who may or may not be board members and
    the on-site discount applied to those selected.

    2.3 carried as amended, 5 for.

2.4 Debbie proposed that there should be a minimum time given for
    contributions on a topic to be made on board. This time is for all to
    have a chance to read and reply to the issue in hand.
    There followed a discussion as to whether these limits would make
    decisions more difficult and how to differentiate between urgent and non
    urgent matters. Also how long the minimum time should be. It was also
    mentioned that it would be helpful if people indicate they have read
    things even if they have no comment and that the agenda and minutes
    should also have timescales on them, eg agenda items 5-7 days before the

    The proposal was amended as follows:
    2.4.(a) Debbie proposes that there should be a minimum time given for
    contributions on a topic to be made on the board discussion list. This
    time is for all to have a chance to read and reply to the issue in
    2.4(b) With the following minimum times: Routine: one week, Priority: 72
    hours, Urgent: 24 hours. Non-routine items should be labelled
    prominently in the subject line.

    2.4(a) carried 5 For
    2.4(b) carried 4 For
2.5 Debbie proposed that we change the announce list subscribe policy to be
    in line with best practice. This meant that instead of subscribing all
    who register, in future it is opt-in only. For example they could be
    asked this during the registration process.
    Following a discussion this was amended as follows:
    2.5 Proposal: to present all who register for the conference with the
    choice, during registration, of being subscribed to the Announce list or
    not, with being subscribed as the default choice.
    2.5 carried as amended, 5 for.
    Action: Debbie offered to ask Peter to amend the Registration System for

3. Follow Ups

3.1 Adoption of new policies regarding observers.
    Elaine reported this is working but needs updating on the website. 
    Action: Martijn agreed to update the website regarding observers. 

3.2 Finance Authorisations (Stephen)
    In Stephen's absence Debbie reported that Peter has access to paypal and
    has moved the funds to the CAF account so the funds are not trapped in
    paypal.She hadn't heard anything about changing who can access the

3.3 Start of info pack (Martijn)
    Martijn reported that he is finding this hard to get moving due to
    uncertainty if it is really wanted. He requested that people send any
    copy they have so he can get it started anyway. Elaine said the venue
    bulletin is already available online for his use and Kalen that the
    proposals and additional info are already on the website.
    Action: Martijn to start the info pack
3.4 Amendment to reserves policy
    There was no report due to the absence of Stephen 
3.5 Personal Data Retention Policy
    Elaine reported it is on the list of policies she is looking at.
3.6 Domain Purchase
    Martijn reported no progress. He needs to work on this with Peter and Larry.
    Action: Martijn to contact Peter and Larry regarding Domain Purchase
3.7 Purchase of Font License
    Martijn reported no progress but he hopes that working on the info pack
    will spur him on with this.
    Action: Martijn to progress font licence for the info pack

3.8 Martijn proposed to take Yo up on her offer to transport Autscape's
    items currently in storage to Autscape, at no expense to Autscape.
    3.8 carried as amended, 5 for
    Action: Martijn to inform Yo regarding stored items. 
4. Role Reports
4.1 Chair
    The Chair had nothing to report
4.2 Treasurer (Stephen)
    The Vice Treasurer reported that this year the costs of the venue have
    not been programmed into the registration system as they usually have
    been. This meant they have to be calculated manually and there was not
    time to do this in time to report.
    No deposit has been paid to childcare and it doesn't appear they have
    requested one.
    It is good practice to make sure we have a written contract even if it
    is email.
    Action: Elaine to contact re contract and other paperwork.
    Action: The Treasurer or Vice Treasurer to post the costs to the list
    during the week
4.3 Company Secretary (Elaine)
    Elaine reported she has one statutory requirement left to do and that's
    the Company Annual return which she should manage in the next day or so.
    She has prepared all the info that needs to go out to the members via
    the members list eg. Call for nominations etc but has not got access to
    the secretary email which this needs to come from.
    Action: Elaine to be given access to Secretary@autscape.org email
    Elaine to complete company Annual Return
4.4 Web Systems (Martijn)
    Martijn reported no changes but the server still needs to be brought
    back online manually after every restart. He also keeps applying
    security updates by manually compiling the packages. It won't be until
    after Autscape that he will have time to do significant upgrade work.

4.5 Honorary Secretary
    There was no report from Stephen

4.6 Programme Coordinator (Kalen)
    Kalen reported little change except that she has arranged for a DJ to do
    a disco on Saturday night. She requested help with the form and deposit
    (possibly paypal) for the booking of the DJ and was advised to email
    treasurer@ to request Stephen's help. Debbie said Peter could help if
    Stephen is not able to at the moment.
    Action: help for Kalen to complete the form for the DJ and pay the deposit
4.7 Venue Coordinator
    Elaine reported most of the info is in and she just needs to find out
    about a couple of little things. She will be sending final figures next
    and sorting out the menu. She suggested an itinerary for our non board

4.8 Childcare Coordinator
    Elaine reported she will sort out the childcare later this week 
4.9 Registrar
    The Registrar reported closing of registration took longer than usual
    due to some last minute interest including a Friday booking. However she
    felt non residential prices are now much more suitable (full conference,
    one day and taster (short) day) and make staying off site reasonable
    comparable with staying on site.
    With the registration figures below it should be remembered that the
    number of carers reported is not the total number of carers attending
    Autscape but the total number of people who selected our discounted
    carer fee.The two are different.

    Residential: 111 including 6 carers (discounted) and 7 children
    Possible residential * childcare : 2 members of staff and 4 people who
    have not yet paid for their booking - 2 adults, one carer and one child.

    Two part residential people this year, one presenter staying the
    Saturday night and one carer (also not included in the carer figure
    Non residential:
    Full time day people:  12 - This includes one carer.
    Part time non residential: 15 in total including one carer,
    miscellaneous days, times and lengths of stay.
    Total: 146 assuming all pay. Of which 7 children,  10 carers, 2
    presenters coming only to present on Monday, 125 adult participants.
    Debbie will forward a list of those needing reserved parking spaces and
    special diets to the venue coordinator. Debbie also asked if the venue
    coordinator could arrange for those leaving on the early transport at
    1pm to have a packed lunch.

    There have been a few issues with people cancelling because they cannot
    afford to pay. The registrar suggested this should be looked at next
    year with the possibility that people are automatically cancelled if
    they do not pay within 4 weeks of booking.

    The Chair asked Debbie to pass our thanks to Peter for his help behind
    the scenes.
    Action: Debbie to forward a list of those needing reserved parking
    spaces and special diets to the venue coordinator.
    Action: The venue coordinator to ask if a packed lunch can be made
    available to those leaving on the early transport.
4.9a Transport (Peter) 
     On behalf of Peter Debbie reported that he does not have the delegated
     authority to book the transport.

     32 people have asked for transport. Most people know which times they
     need to use the service at. As usual those who tell us in advance are
     the ones who help us give the more cost effective service and so these
     get priority for the service they have booked over those who just turn

     Although Peter was happy to arrange and book transport he would rather
     not be at the station. Elaine volunteered to do this part of the job.
     Action: to delegate the authority to book transport to Peter
4.10 On-site Team Coordinator
     There was no report from Stephen
5. Subcommittee Reports
5.1 Fundraising
    Due to the absence of Liz there was no report
5.2 Publicity and Publications (Martijn)
    Martijn had very little to report but will now be getting on with the
    infopack and requested everyone check the relevant information on the
    website and send updates as appropriate.
    Action: everybody to check the relevant information on the websites and
    send updates to chair of pubs sc ASAP
5.3 Merchandise and Purchasing
    There was no report due to Stephen's absence
6. Any Other Business

6.1 Chat list moderators
    There was a short discussion as both Trish and Martijn felt they should
    resign. A suggestion was made that regular readers flag up any issues
    and Trish would deal with them. It proved impossible to resolve this
    quickly and the meeting was closed.

Meeting closed 5:25 pm