A detail that people forget about is liability insurance. Austscape needs public liability insurance for the event to cover the attendees, and employer's liability insurance to cover volunteers (ie. the organisers). Autscape currently gets insurance from CaSE Insurance which provides insurance for Charities and Social Enterprises.

When booking a venue, it is important to make sure that the venue's terms & conditions are compatible with the requirements of the insurance. In particular:

To classify as a low-risk event, we must satisfy additional conditions:

For most venues, the requirements for insurance regarding catering are effectively the same as the requirements for accommodation, except for the additional requirement to have a system for record keeping.

There are other conditions not listed above that must be met too. If you are doing anything other than a straightforward conference where the attendees are adults and children with their parents/guardians, you must check the conditions of the insurance. Variations that require additional insurance include bouncy castles, competitive sports and organised travel. See the policy for further details.