Funding places for carers

Autscape cannot guarantee that you will be able to obtain funding for a carer. However we can suggest some places you might try. Bear in mind that applying for funding can take quite a long time. It is good to start as early as possible, 6-9 months before Autscape would be ideal. As a minimum plan on needing to start looking for funding 12 weeks before Autscape.

(1) Social Services

If you are receiving support from social services, the best chance of funding for a carer is through your normal care package.

(2) Carer's Grants

It may sound illogical, but it may be possible to get a carer's grant (or equivalent) to fund a carer's place at Autscape. These grants (your local social services office or carer's association will know where to apply) are designed to allow unpaid carers a break from their caring responsibilities. If it is possible for you (and your unpaid carer) to argue that because of the unique environment at Autscape they will need to care for you much less than normally and this is therefore a break for them, it is a possibility.

(3) Charitable Funding

Many national and local charities and trusts are linked to particular trades and professions or serve people with a specific condition or disability. We are not aware of an autism-specific charity offering such help, but if you have another disability as well a charity specific to this may help. Alternatively you might meet the criteria of a charity because you live in a certain area or once worked in a particular type of job. Sometimes an application for a grant has to come through a health or social care professional eg your social worker, health visitor, district nurse.

All charities have eligibility criteria that must be met for people to qualify for help from their trusts and funds.

Before you contact groups to find out who might be able to help, it helps if you have ready the following information:

There are several ways to find out which charities/trusts could apply to you.

Autscape cannot guarantee you will be able to find funding but we hope these tips are helpful.