By coming to Autscape, we expect that you can manage certain things, or will bring someone to help you. Some of these things are listed above as Challenges; these are summarised below, along with some others:


There is no formal or professional support structure in place at Autscape. We, the organisers and participants, are also autistic and may be struggling to cope just as much as you are. This is not a structured activity group, residential facility or camp where people will take care of you - all participants are equal and considered to be competent and independent. If you need support in that, you will have to arrange to bring someone to help you.

That said, it may sometimes be possible to arrange with another participant to help in small ways. e.g. Your roommate may be willing to wake you in the morning. However, this kind of help must be voluntary and must not be an unfair burden on others nor absolutely necessary for your coping. Due to the limits of their own needs and abilities, others may not be available or 100% reliable, even if they wish to help. If you require extensive or essential assistance, please bring a support person who can provide that for you.

House Rules

Most of these rules are set by the venue, but some are specifically for our group.