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Autscape 2016: Identity

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Tuesday 16 August to Friday 19 August 2016
Giggleswick School, Settle, North Yorkshire, UK

We are now accepting proposals for all types of presentations for Autscape 2016.

Please submit your proposal by 15 April 2016.

Please use the proposal submission form if at all possible. If you have difficulty using the form, please e-mail Email submissions will no longer be accepted unless exceptional access requirements apply.

On this page

About Autscape

Autscape is an autistic conference. It is run by and for autistic people. The environment and content of the event are centred around autistic people's needs, interests and sensitivities.


The theme for this year's Autscape is ‘Identity’.

We all have a sense of ourselves as individuals. However, this sense of self is made up of many strands. This year at Autscape, we are interested in proposals that explore our senses of self as autistic people. In the context of autism, disability and the burgeoning neurodiversity movement, what forms of identity do we choose, and how do these identities affect our lives? How does autism relate to other identities that we may have? We welcome proposals that explore all facets of identity among us.

The theme is meant to inspire presenters as well as to provide some coherence to the programme, not to be overly restrictive, so feel free to be creative in its application. Presentations which seek to develop this theme will be given priority; however, any suitable topic, even if it is not directly related to autism, will be considered.

What we are looking for

We are looking for quality proposals by qualified presenters, but ‘qualifications’ don’t have to be formal.

We wish to explore a broad range of perspectives on being autistic, both theoretical and practical. Many different types of input are welcome: traditional lectures, creative expression, physical activity, interactive workshops and more.

Although many of the autistic people who are attracted to Autscape are highly verbal, others may have difficulty with an event centred around language. Therefore, we are also seeking workshops which are not primarily focused on the spoken word.

Selected proposals are likely to have these features:

The sort of thing that may be selected:

The sort of thing that is unlikely to be selected:

Note: if your proposal is not selected for the main Autscape programme, you may still offer it as a participant-led activity. There will be an opportunity to submit these in advance so they can be timetabled, but you may also book them at Autscape itself.


For examples of what has been presented as part of the Autscape main programme in the past, see the presentations from previous years.

What do we expect from you?

Reliability: you need to be able to assure us that except for unforeseen circumstances you will be there to present as agreed.

Presentation materials: please send copies of any handouts and computer presentations (e.g. PowerPoint) by the date requested (to be confirmed, about 2 weeks before Autscape). These will be made available for download and printing by Autscape participants. In addition we can printed a limited number of pages for handouts. You retain the copyright to your material.

Your details and presentation summary: The summary and bio you submit with your proposal will be published on our website. You may correct, modify or update this once after your proposal is accepted (except for any errors that are our fault). We will also provide any handouts and presentation materials for participants in electronic and possibly printed form.

Permission to record: as a reasonable adjustment for people with processing difficulties, some audience members will audio record your presentation for personal use. This is not optional. We may also seek your permission to video or otherwise record your presentation. These recordings may be made available to others by Autscape. This is optional, denying permission will not prejudice decision makers against your presentation, and permission can be withdrawn at any time prior to distribution. If you have any questions, please let us know so we can discuss it.

What can you expect from us?

Accommodation: you will receive one day's attendance at Autscape free of charge. Presenters will be accommodated on-site for the day of their presentation including the night before or after. Only one such place can be offered for each presentation, regardless of the number of presenters. Whenever you are not presenting you can enjoy the event, including other workshops and the setting, just as any other participant.

Audience: a rare opportunity to be heard by a significant number of autistic people. A chance to have some influence and get some feedback from the people who matter most in the field of autism.

Respect and consideration: we will do our best to meet any special needs or requirements you may have, as long as you communicate them to us with sufficient notice.

How to submit your proposal

To submit your proposal, please use the online form. If you have difficulty accessing or completing the form, please email: Submissions are no longer accepted by email unless you have exceptional reasons for being unable to access the form (e.g., learning difficulties or technical limitations).

Due to a high level of competition in recent years, late submissions will not normally be considered. If you think you will have any problems with the form, the deadline, or any other aspect of submitting a proposal, please contact us before the deadline. Submissions by other means or after the deadline should not be considered accepted until or unless they have been acknowledged by the Programme Coordinator.

The board will decide which presentations to accept for Autscape and will inform everybody who has made a proposal of their decision by 17 May 2016.

Remember, all proposals must be received by 15 April 2016.