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This page about Autscape 2015 is of historical interest only. Go to the home page for current information.

Autscape 2015 - Bookings and Policies

This is a summary of our policies. The full text will be in the booking system when you book.

Paying Policies

Place Allocation - New: Your place is reserved for you once we have received and acknowledged your payment. The quickest way to pay is to use Paypal. We do not charge extra for Paypal.

Cancellation: If you cancel before booking closes there will be an administration fee of £20 per adult in your booking (accompanying children and carers are not charged this fee).

There is no refund due if you cancel after the close of booking.

Booking Dates: We will be closing booking for Autscape 2015 on 25 July at 11pm (BST)

On-line booking

Click here to make a booking on-line.

Single/Shared room

You can have a single room or a shared room. It is your choice.

Information about the shared rooms

If you don't have someone to share with we can match you with a roommate. If you have no room mate in mind and you have no room placement requirements you may want to consider our cheaper flexible fee option instead.

If you know who you will be sharing with please state this on your booking. If this person is not on the same booking as you then make sure they also list you as their preferred room mate when they book.


Giggleswick school consists of several houses. We have four allocated to us. Our accommodation and conference areas are over two areas with a slope inbetween. At the lower end is the dining hall and the house with the sinks. At the upper end is a large building holding the other 3 houses, the presentation areas, classroom and swimming pool.

All houses are around the same distance from the dining hall.

Information about the flexible fee option

We have a low cost flexible fee option. We can discount this because if you take it you are using the unfilled rooms we may otherwise not be able to fill.

With this fee...

Low Income

We give a discount on the adult fee for people with a low income. However we encourage you to pay the standard fee if you can afford it

Many of those who attend Autscape are on benefits and some people who are working for low pay have less money than some who are on benefits, so we don't have a clear cut way of deciding what is low income and we don't require proof. We encourage you to pay the full standard rate if you can afford it. If you have very little money and the small discount would make a substantial difference to your life, then you may pay the low income rate.


Membership of The Autscape Organisation, which gives you voting rights at the AGM, costs £5.00 and provides a £5.00 discount on bookings.


Carers and PAs attend Autscape only to facilitate the attendance of someone else who otherwise would be unable to come.


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