Registration & fees

This page about Autscape 2015 is of historical interest only. Go to the home page for current information.

Day fees for Autscape 2015

The day fees cover the whole day. You can arrive from 8:30am and stay until the end of the last activity - usually around 10pm to 11pm. They include all meals expect breakfast which can be added on at cost (£6.25 per breakfast per person).

Adult: £40 for one day, £75 for two days, £100 for whole conference.

Child (up to and including age 16): £25 per day. Thus £25 one day, £50 two days, £75 for whole conference.

Infant (aged under 3): £18 per day. Thus £18 one day, £36 two days, £54 for whole conference.

Carer: £25 per day. Thus £25 one day, £50 two days, £75 three days.

Days fees do not include breakfast. If you would like breakfast, please add a note to your booking. It costs £6.40 per person per breakfast.

2015 Adult Taster Day Fee

Our taster fee is for people who have never attended Autscape before and would like to see what it is like before possibly coming another year.

You may attend for a maximum of four hours. Arrive any time between 9am and 2pm. Lunch (starts 12:30) and tea/coffee breaks are included when your visiting time overlaps with them. You must leave before the start of the evening meal (starts 5:30pm).

You need to tell us when you book what time you expect to arrive at.

Taster days are only available on Saturday or Sunday and must be booked in advance before the close of booking. If you have an accompanying child please contact us for rates.

Please check our policy page for an explanation of the different fee types, membership of the Autscape Organisation, cancellation charges and our payment policy.