2015 Venue

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(updated: 14 Jul 2015)

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The venue for Autscape 2015 is Giggleswick School, Settle, North Yorkshire.

(Please do not contact the venue directly! You will find details explaining how to contact Autscape on our contacts page.)

Please refer to the map of the school campus as you read the information below. The numbers below refer to the numbers on the map.


We will centre our activities around the Classroom block (22), the theatre (23) and the Dutton centre (25). These are all contained in the same area.

Childcare will be in the Pavillion (26).

Food Service

Residential registration (that is, if you're staying on-site) includes 3 meals per day. For non-residential registration, all meals except breakfast are included.

Meal times are: 8:30am, 12:30pm and 5:30pm. Refreshments are served during the breaks at 10:30am and 3:45pm. (The break times may still be revised.)

The dining hall (29) is large. Each table seats about 8 people.

You'll have to queue to get your meals. Menus will be posted on the wall and/or made available in the conference information pack. We recommend you choose what you want to have before queuing.

Special diets will be catered for within reason. Please indicate your dietary needs when you register for the conference.

Unfortunately we can't have a quiet dining room this year. However, people may take meals outside, to other areas or away to their rooms providing they bring their plates, etc. back.

At the end of meal times, we will not be rushed out of the dining room, but staff will have to clear up around people.


We will be using Nowell (19), Paley (16), Shute (13) and Carr (28) accommodation blocks. Each block is different and the equipment in the communal areas is down to the housemaster/ mistress. Autscape will provide tea and coffee with cups.

Bedrooms do not lock. Some of them have lockers, but you will need to bring your own padlock if you want to use them.

Bedrooms will not be cleaned while we are there, but communal areas will. We have been asked to leave bins outside the doors every morning if they need emptying.

An Autscape organiser on night duty will be available for emergencies in each block.


The venue has its own security team from 7pm till midnight. They will lock communal buildings at 11:30pm. The accommodation blocks have PIN entry systems and we will be given the PINs in advance.

People must not use marked Fire doors (unless there is a fire) as they are alarmed. These doors are clearly marked with warning signs. If the alarm is activated a member of school staff will have to be called out to reset the alarm.

Autscape organisers have the venue staff's emergency contact numbers. If there is a problem, please talk to Autscape organisers and we will coordinate with the venue staff if necessary.


There is a car park with about 20 spots near the houses (opposite 21). Unfortunately, there won't be enough room for all people to park there. The suggestion is that people park there to unpack their stuff and then go down to the main car park (near 33 on the map). Arrangements for those with extra mobility needs are being made so they can park near their accommodation and near the classrooms and dining hall as they need, provided we know of them in advance.

Other group

During our stay there will be approx 15 international summer school students – teenagers – with leaders. They will be staying in one of accommodation blocks away from us. They should not cross paths with us as they will mainly be using the sports hall (30) during the day and be entertained in their accommodation block in the evening. There is a possibility that we might see them at meal times, but steps are being taken to make this as minimal as possible.


Further information

Please do not contact the venue directly! You will find details explaining how to contact Autscape on our contacts page.