Agenda for September 2009 meeting

1.0  Provisionally approve minutes of 2009 AGM  (posted 13.09.09 20:44)

2.0  Committee positions

2.1.   Co-ordinators

2.1.1.      Venue co-ordinator - Peter

2.1.2.      Programme co-ordinator - Martijn

2.1.3.      Technical co-ordinator - Peter?

2.2.   Sub-committee chairs

2.2.1.      Venue - Peter

2.2.2.      Tech - Peter

2.2.3.      Publications/publicity - Yo

2.2.4.      Constitution - Yo

2.2.5.      Fundraising - Kabie

2.2.6.      Childcare - Kabie

2.2.7.      Programme - Martijn

2.3.   Vices and assistants

2.3.1.      Vice Chair - Debbie

2.3.2.      Vice Secretary - Needs clarification (Dave? Trish?)

2.3.3.      Vice Treasurer - Robin

2.3.4.      Assistant venue co-ordinator - Robin

2.3.5.      Assistant programme co-ordinator - Kalen

2.3.6.      Assistant technical co-ordinator - Needs clarification

2.4.   Other responsible positions

2.4.1.      Communications - Trish, with assistance from Debbie

2.4.2.      Merchandise and sensory room equipment purchasing - Dave

3.0  Subcommittees (Check that each SC has decision making procedures, task
list and
deadlines in place. Hopefully brief progress report from each confirming

3.1.   Venue

3.2.   Tech

3.3.   Publications/publicity

3.4.   Constitution

3.5.   Fundraising

3.6.   Childcare

3.7.   Programme

4.0  Proposals

4.1.   Participant confidentiality and management of SC membership

4.1.1.      That agreement to abide by the participant confidentiality
agreement is required of members of the following subcommittees:            Venue            Tech            Fundraising            Childcare            Programme

4.1.2.      That if a subcommittee member of whom it is required
persistently fails to respond to requests to register their agreement to the
participant confidentiality agreement, their subcommittee membership can (at
the discretion of the sc chair) be suspended until their agreement is

4.1.3.      That if a member of a subcommittee remains suspended for more
than 60 days their subcommittee membership can (with the approval of the
main committee chair) be terminated.

4.2.   SC-pub would like approval in principle of the concept of a generic
brochure (with only dates and venue changing each year) and a general
business card (for members to hand out to people giving the website address)
which would allow us to advertise Autscape all year round. An insert would
be produced later in each year to provide details of the programme and
registration information.

4.3.   Yo would like to request the committee's permission to explore the
possibility of creating a youth programme for 2010. Initially this would
involve setting up an email list and inviting/encouraging young people
(10-18) to join it. This email list would work separately from but alongside
the childcare SC (and provisional agreement has been obtained from Kabie to
this co-ordination) towards the development of a youth programme. Yo would
like to chair this email list and take overall responsibility for the
development of the programme but as far as possible would intend to support
young autistic (and AC friendly) people to have ownership of their own

5.0  Ratifications

5.1.   Appointment of Yo as committee's liaison to the solicitor in relation
to the incorporation and charity registration process (originally agreed in
May 2008)

5.2 Company secretary designate to be Yo

5.3 Vice company secretary designate to be Debbie or to change depending on 
discussions in meeting regarding role of vice secretary

6.0  Questions and clarifications

6.1.   Current status and likely completion date of interim accounts (draft 
posted to list 18.09.09 01:21)

7.0  Any other business