Agenda for August 2009 meeting

Agenda for Meeting to be held on Tuesday 11th August at 11:30am

1.0 Vote to accept July's minutes

2.0 Decisions

2.1 Organiser rebate

Carried forward from previous meeting
Should we have a rebate for organisers, and if so, how much?

The figure of GBP 160 was suggested on list. Debbie suggested reducing 
this by the membership fee (GBP 5).

2.2 Markup for merchandise

2.2.1 How should the markup be done this year? (Last year was ~20%.)

2.2.2 To make pricing easier (for buyers and sellers) should we have
a small number of price bands to simplify the pricing?

2.3 Labelling

Should we label our sensory equipment to avoid it being mixed up with
other people's stuff?

2.4 Behaviour policy

The behaviour policy, discussing under what circumstances we might need to
intervene to stop inappropriate behaviour, has been discussed on and off over
several years and discussed more recently on the commitee list. 
This version of the policy, if adopted for Autscape 2009, is likely to be 
reviewed before next year. Should we adopt this policy?
[Policy document]

2.5 Feedback forms

In order to aid people in doing feedback forms, we should:

2.5.1 hand out forms for each presentation/workshop at beginning of session
      whilst doing other housekeeping such as reminders re silent phones

2.5.2 have a 5 minute break before questions and answers at the end of session
      for people to fill in forms (so they can continue during questions if 

2.5.3 allocate time for the general and venue forms during the agm

2.5.4 remind people that there is an online option (if there is) at the same 
      time as reminders to fill in

2.5.5 give some feedback of the results so people can see we don't just 
      ignore the forms.

3.0 Progress reports

3.1 Activities schedule
3.2 Info pack
3.3 Materials for printing
3.4 Communication badges
3.5 Picture signs
3.6 Certificates of Attendance
3.7 Feedback forms

4.0 AOB