Agenda for July 2009 meeting

Agenda Meeting 19 July 2009 4pm

1.0 Minutes

Approve June minutes

2.0 Ratifications

2.1 Final decision for Venue 2010
Ammerdown or Emmaus

2.2 Childcare
Only two children need to be cared for. The childcare SC has booked an external
childcare provider which will have support from Bromley Mencap.

3.0 Proposals

3.1 Presenter rebates

Can we afford to increase the presenter rebates? If so, by how much?

3.2 Committee member rebates

Can we afford to rebates for organisers? If so, do we
want to, and how much should be be?

3.3 Monday before Autscape at Emmaus

Who needs/wants to be at the venue on the Monday before Autscape?

3.4 Sensory equipment

We cannot pay a committee member to store equipment. As we can't store 
large items, are we going ahead and getting smaller items?

3.5 Committee list archive

Will future years' committees be given to access to this years archive?

Option 1: We don't allow next year's committee access 
          to the emails sent this year

Option 2: We allow next year's committee access to the emails sent this year
          but we are allowed to remove "personal" or irrelevant emails
          beforehand.  This includes allowing people to get the chance to
          remove inappropriate emails.

Option 3: We allow next year's committee full access to this year's archives.

3.6 Complaints procedure

Should we approcach People First in representing us in the
complaints procedure?

3.7 Feedback forms

Kitt on sc-pub has worded our feedback forms
Does the committee approve of the style and wording?

3.8 Delegation of AGM agenda & minutes
Yo offered to write the this year's AGM agenda & minutes

4.0 Progress Reports

4.1 Organiser wear - Selina

4.2 Merchandise (stimmy toys and logo items) - Selina

4.3 Stationery

  - Folders - Peter
  - Notebooks - Peter
  - Pens - done
  - Lanyards - on order
  - Communication badges - Robin

4.4 Publicity SC - Larry

4.5 Venue SC - Peter

4.6 Tech SC - Debbie

4.7 Programme - Martijn

4.8 Childcare - Trish

4.9 Fundraising - Yo

4.10 Constitution - Yo

4.11 Registrar - Debbie

4.12 Picture signs - Trish

5.0 AOB