Agenda for April 2010 meeting

Agenda for April 2010 committee meeting

1.     Approvals
1.1.   Approve minutes of March meeting (draft posted 22/03/10)

2.     Acknowledgements
2.1.   The committee notes with regret Kabie's resignation from the Autscape 
       Management committee.

3.     Proposals

3.1.   Sc-cons proposes to the main committee that Autscape adopt a policy
       (to be drafted by cons sc) to cover the following issues:
       (a) The quorum for directors' meetings (i.e. Committee meetings)
       (b) The quorum for members' meetings (i.e. AGM and other General Meetings)
       (c) The maximum number of directors
       (d) Mandating the named posts of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer
       (e) Restrictions on the holding of those posts (e.g. that they can't all be
          held by one person)

[This is because we recommend *not* including these issues in the governing 
documents themselves (because then they can only be changed by vote of the 
membership at a General Meeting) but we think they are important issues to 
have a policy on which (once agreed) could only be altered by majority vote 
of the main committee]

3.2.   2010 Fees (see discussion on list)

3.3.   Company form admin

3.3.1. Proposal: Change the registered address to Yo's address until we
       obtain a stable one. [This is for convenience as most of the post coming 
       to that address will be for the attention of the company secretary i.e. Yo]

3.3.2. Proposal: Make only Yo, Peter and Kalen members of the company
       initially for the purposes of executing the incorporation with the
       intention that all other committee members will become members of the
       company as soon as possible thereafter. [This is intended to have no
       effect whatsoever on decision making or distribution of powers and is
       simply a means of getting the form done more efficiently. The
       difficulty is that, unlike the directors, *all members* of the company
       have to sign on the same sheet of paper.]

3.4.   Transport

3.4.1. Which option should we use for transport between Bath and Ammerdown:
       a) Commercial coach (single trip, 21-47 passengers, £160-£184)
       b) Bath Community Transport (multiple trips, 11-33 passengers, £35-£82)
       c) Other (e.g. provide transport only from Radstock rather than Bath)

3.4.2. What capacity of transport do we want to contract for? In the 
       past we have had approximately 15-25 users of our transport. Votes will be 
       considered to implicitly approve any necessary expenditure (e.g. 
       registration, deposit) until the cost can be recovered from users' fares.

If option 1a) wins, which size of coach do we want? (21 pass. @ £160 or 47 pass. @ £184)
If option 1b) wins, how many mini-bus trips? (1 trip/11 pass. @ £35, 2 trips/22 pass. @ £58, 3 trips/33 pass. @ £82)

4.     Delegations
4.1.   To delegate setting up a system to record members' names and 
       addresses for new members
4.2.   To delegate organising the acquisition and recording of members' 
       names and addresses for existing members
4.3.   To delegate either Dave or Debbie to purchase pens

5.     Reports and follow-ups
5.1.   Progress of bank form
5.2.   Transport options for Ammerdown - Debbie posted to list re Bath 
       Community Transport
5.3.   Legal advice on ISA - Yo

6.     Subcommittee Progress Reports (suggested topics listed)
6.1.   Venue
6.2.   Tech
6.3.   Publications/publicity - progress on business card & brochure
6.4.   Constitution - progress on governing document
6.5.   Fundraising - progress on finding a chair
6.6.   Childcare - progress
6.7.   Programme - proposals received, access to feedback and plan for 
       decision making

7.     Key position progress reports (matters not covered earlier)
7.1.   Treasurer - Accountant liaison
7.2.   Secretary - Report re possible training. Progress on incorporation.
7.3.   Chair

8.     Any other business