Agenda for May 2010 meeting

1.      Approvals

1.1.    Approve minutes of April meeting (draft posted 19/04/10)

2.      Proposals

2.1.    To set aside a total budget of £2,500 (including already
        committed expenditure on legal fees) as designated development funds.

2.2.    Programme

        Final discussion and vote for proposals to be accepted / rejected

2.3.    Company secretary issues

2.3.1.  To appoint a Vice Company Secretary designate (Kalen has 

        mentioned possible interest, other volunteers are welcome. For a very
        general overview of what the job involves (not all of which is
        applicable to Autscape see )

2.3.2.  To book training for the Company secretary designate + the Vice
        Company Secretary designate to attend training provided by The
        Directory of Social Change in November at a cost of £13 per
        person plus travel expenses (expected to be approx £100 per
        person). The attendees may request funding for disability related
        expenses nearer the time but Autscape cannot guarantee to meet these.

2.4     Registration

2.4.1   To choose when to hold the draw for most (but not all) of the remaining

        a/ - immediately i.e., 16th May
        b/ - end of next week, 21 May
        c/ - end of month, 31 May.

        If either of the latter choices are voted for, we email the announce
        list explaining the situation.

2.4.2   To have the final draw for the remaining Ammerdown places (between 2
        and 4 spaces plus cancellations) two weeks before Ammerdown's deadline
        for final numbers.

2.4.3   To set the final deadline for accepting residential bookings for the
        waiting list at 2 weeks before Ammerdown needs the final numbers,
        which is probably a month before Autscape.

2.5     Should we still circulate a brochure for Autscape 2010?

3.      Reports and follow-ups

3.1.    Transport options. Does the committee wish to alter its previous
        decision regarding coach vs. community minibus in the light of
        subsequent events?

4.      Subcommittee Progress Reports (suggested topics listed)

5.1.    Venue

5.2.    Tech

5.3.    Publications/publicity - progress on business card & brochure

5.4.    Constitution - progress on governing document

5.5.    Fundraising - progress on finding a chair

5.6.    Childcare - progress

5.7.    Programme - proposed date for schedule publication

6.      Key position progress reports (matters not covered earlier)

6.1.    Treasurer - Accountant liaison

6.2.    Secretary

6.3.    Chair

7.       Any other business