Agenda for March 2010 meeting

Agenda for March 2010 committee meeting

1.     Approvals
1.1.   Approve minutes of February meeting (draft posted 14/3/10)

2.     Acknowledgments
2.1.   The committee notes with regret the resignation of Kabie as 

3.     Proposals
3.1.   Appointment of treasurer
3.2.   For Autscape from 2011 to (a) grow much bigger (needing a bigger 
       venue) or (b) stay the same size (using current or similar sized 
       venues). Background information: research carrying out by the 
       venue sc suggests that getting just a little bigger is not a 
       realistic option due to venue sizes.
3.3.   To adopt the principle that organisers' subsidies should in future 
       match those of presenters unless specific funding is sought and 
       received for that purpose.

4.     Reports and follow-ups
4.1.   Draft budget and fee levels for 2010
4.2.   Progress of bank form
4.3.   Transport options for Ammerdown - Debbie

5.     Subcommittee Progress Reports (suggested topics listed)
5.1.   Venue - late registrations
5.2.   Tech - progress on reminders for committee meetings
5.3.   Publications/publicity - progress on business card, brochure and adverts
5.4.   Constitution - progress on governing document
5.5.   Fundraising - progress on finding a chair
5.6.   Childcare - proposed start date for working on childcare
5.7.   Programme - proposals received and deadline extension

6.     Key position progress reports (matters not covered earlier)
6.1.   Treasurer
6.2.   Secretary
6.3.   Chair

7.     Any other business