Agenda for June 2009 meeting

Agenda Meeting 14 June 2009 9:30am

1.0 Minutes
* Approve May minutes
* Approve correction to April minutes

2.0 Ratifications

Mobile Creche have been selected as Autscape's childcare providers
for 2009 with the proviso that the creche staff will have
accomodation at the Emmaus Centre only if there is sufficient space,
otherwise we will provide accomodation nearby. [This decision was
delegated to the childcare SC at the April committee meeting and we
now need to acknowledge their decision]

3.0 Progress checks and reports (if not already sent to committee list)

3.1 Publicity SC - Larry
* Brochure distribution?

3.2 Venue SC - Peter
* Any 2009 issues
* Catering issue - Special diets and biscuits.

3.3 Tech SC - Debbie

3.4 Programme - Martijn
* Formal acceptance letters for presenters who requested them - Peter.

3.5 Childcare - Trish

3.6 Fundraising - Yo

3.7 Constitution - Yo

3.8 Registrar - Debbie

3.9 Merchandise (stimmy toys and logo items) - Selina

3.10 Organiser wear - Selina

3.11 Folder pens - Selina

3.12 Picture signs - Trish

4.0 Proposals:

4.1 New constitution

On the recommendation of the constitution SC, to approve the following
proposed wording for the objects section to be submitted for Charity
Commission approval.

"The objects of the Company shall be:-
(a) to provide respite and support for autistic people by (i) organising
retreat-style conferences at which autistic people can learn, engage in
activities, socialise and relax in an autistic-orientated environment and
(ii) generally providing them [and their families [and carers]] with
information, advice and other forms of assistance;

(b) to advance the education and awareness of the public in all matters
relating to autism [and in particular to increase public awareness of the
problems faced by, and the general circumstances of, autistic people
[and their families] thus encouraging increased acceptance and support
of autistic people in the community] ;

(c) to advance and promote the education of autistic people in
self-advocacy and in those issues which are of particular interest
and/or relevance to autistic people; and

(d) to do such other charitable things for the benefit and/or support
of autistic people as the directors in their discretion shall decide and

for the avoidance of doubt the phrase "autistic people" shall include
all people who consider themselves to be autistic or to be close to
the autistic spectrum whether or not they have been formally diagnosed
as such".

4.2 To renew our NCVO membership at cost (for the year) of £44

4.3 Venue 2010

* To remain pencilled in with Ammerdown
* If approved for Selina to take responsibility for the Ammerdown pencilling in
* To continue to search other venues.
* If approved a volunteer to co-ordinate searching with the venue SC group

4.4 Travel

* To set up a dedicated travel email address for people to send queries to
(to avoid confusion on the chat list)

4.5 Feedback forms

* To have an online version of the form
* In principle to enter feedback forms in a prize draw to encourage
their return.
* If approved to agree on a maximum sum for prizes
* If approved we need a volunteer to co-ordinate the various issues

4.6 Press Release

* To issue a press release to local papers
* To issue a national press release
* If approved to delegate drafting to the publicity SC or a volunteer

4.7 Accommodation for Childcare providers

* To book provisional off site accommodation for the childcare providers in case
venue fills [Reasonably priced accommodation is available now which could be
cancelled later at low or no cost. If we leave this until the venue has filled
external accommodation could be more expensive and harder to find]

* If approved, to delegate the Childcare SC to do so

* If approved to agree a maximum budget £x for this purpose

4.8 To limit the number of children to ensure we can operate with only
    2 childcare staff.

[Two staff can work with a maximum six babies (0-2), eight toddlers (2-3) or 
ten over 3 year olds. Obviously we might have a mix of ages and would need to 
work with Mobile Creche to make sure we don't inadvertantly stray over the 

4.9 Call for nominations

* To open the call for nominations as soon as possible
* For Larry to do this
* To hold the call open for a month
* To issue regular reminders to our membership
* For a volunteer to do this

4.10 Chat list moderation

* To add a second moderator to the chat list
* To ask Martijn to take this role

5.0 Other decisions

* Volunteer needed to co-ordinate Audio Visual
* Volunteer needed to make black circles. Robin?
* Volunteer needed to make interaction badges. Robin?
* Volunteer needed to make name badges.
* Volunteer needed to research and buy lanyards.
* Volunteer needed to buy notebooks and folders. Robin?
* Volunteer needed to organise printing of conference materials and
presentation handouts. Larry?

* To have insurance this year
* If approved, Larry to organise it

* To email the publicity brochure to our membership
* If approved, Selina to send the email

6.0 A.O.B.