Minutes of January 2009 meeting

Minutes of Autscape Management Committee Meeting

Date: Sunday January 25 2009.

Present:  Debbie, Larry, Martijn, Peter, Ruth, Selina, Trish, and Yo

Absent: Robin

Observing: Icefire and Kitt

The meeting started at 10:14 and ended at 12:46.   There was a break from
11:16 am to 11:31 am.

1.0 Ratify decisions taken on list

1.1 Approval of December Minutes

2.0 Proposals

2.1 The committee agreed that subcommittee chairs were to aim to email their
progress report to the committee list a week before the meeting.
The proposal was accepted by a vote of six for, two against.

ACTION: Debbie is to remind people a week before the reports are due in.

2.2 It was agreed to send an email to the chat, plan and announce
lists detailing the dates, theme and location of Autscape 2009 but not 
name of the venue.

ACTION: Debbie is to send this email.

2.3.1 The committee agreed to give presenters one day's funding during Autscape.

2.3.2 This item proposed that only one person worth of funding be given for each
presentation.  However, this item did not get voted on, as the
discussion shifted towards the newly proposed 2.3.3.

2.3.3 The proposal to fund presenters' carers in addition to funding
presenters was discussed.

During the emerging discussion, some members felt they should not be in a
position of having to assess people's medical conditions to decide if
a presenter really needed a carer.  The worry of opening Autscape to claims of
discrimination was raised.   Some worried about the cost to Autscape of agreeing to
this proposal especially as so many Autscape participants are disabled.  The idea of
partly funding carers was suggested but not discussed.  Others felt that a presenter
might not be able to attend if a needed carer did not receive funding and that by not 
funding carers we were not presenting equal opportunities to all.

The proposal was rejected by a vote of two for, five against, one abstention.

The chairman commented that the result does not preclude voting again
at a future meeting if the legal situation is clarified and if (and only if) we 
have the budget we may have to do it anyway.

Discussion of this topic was moved to the main committee list.

2.4 The proposal to set the next committee meeting within three days of the last
one was accepted.  Debbie was chosen to collaborate people's availability and
decide when the meeting should be was Debbie.

2.5 It was agreed to draft a data protection policy, that the tech subcommittee
be asked to write this draft and Peter to be responsible for making sure the
draft is written.

2.6 It was agreed to set the childcare budget to 1,500 pounds.  However, we need
to check this with the treasurer who was not present at the meeting.

2.7 It was agreed that the programme subcommittee would submit their
wording of the theme description and call for proposals to the main committee
by Sunday 1 February.  The main committee would have a 24-hour vote on it.

At this point, the agenda was re-ordered slightly in order to maximise the
participation of committee members whose availability might be limited later
in the meeting.

4.1 It was approved that the programme subcommittee be delegated the task of
setting the closing date for the call for proposals.

4.2 The committee approved of the programme subcommittee's theme wording,
which is "Effective Living".

2.8 The committee agreed to consult the chat list about that list's
confidentiality.  However they decided to wait for some time so that 
the incident which prompted this discussion would not be given undue 

ACTION: Larry to post committee approved wording to the chat list after an
appropriate delay.

5.0 Progress Reports
During the progress reports, a topic relating to progress reports not on the
agenda was raised.

In order to keep non-committee members up to date, the progress reports
emailed in advance to the committee list could be attached to that
meeting's minutes.  This could not happen this month, as people did not
know in advance it would happen and some personal information was
contained in one of them.   No firm conclusion was reached on this.

5.1.6: Debbie reported that the plan is to move to the new host within
two weeks, subject to outside disruptions and Ian who controls the
autscape.org domain.

While we move to the new host there will be a brief period when people's
posts to Autscape lists will be delayed (but not lost).

5.1.2  Yo reported that the constitution group has sent all the direct
details back to the solicitor and the subcommittee was currently
discussing possible changes to objects (i.e., aims).

5.1.5 Larry had nothing to report regarding the publicity subcommittee.

5.1.7 Peter needs to get the day rates from the venue.

5.5 Trish sent a revised version of the "general committee member" description
to the committee list last night. Not everyone had had a chance to study it yet.

There was no other business to be discussed and the meeting closed.