Agenda for January 2009 meeting

Agenda for January 2009 meeting to be held on Sunday 25th at 10am.

1.0 Ratifications

1.1 Approval of December minutes.

2.0 Proposals

2.1 Subcommittee Reports
Explanation:  It is time consuming having subcommittee chairs type
in their reports during the meeting and often there is not adequate
time to discuss them.

2.1.1 That subcommittee chairs email their reports to the committee
list before the main committee meeting. These reports would include
progress made, outstanding work and any obstacles to progress.

2.2.1 That we send out an email to the chat, plan and announce list
detailing the dates of Autscape, the theme and the location of venue (but not venue name,
ie West Wickham, Kent which is in the Greater London Area).

2.2.2 To decide who is responsible in ensuring this announcement gets sent.

2.3 To decide what funding to offer presenters.

2.3.1 That presenters be offered funding for the day of their presentation, where one
day consists of the day, an overnight stay if required and the meals for that
time period.

2.3.2 That only one person be funded per presentation.  

2.4 Arranging Committee Meetings
Explanation: Several committee members are concerned about the
difficulties experienced so far this year in arranging committee
meetings in good time.

2.4.1 That committee members give their next month's (ie next 30 days)
availability within 3 days of each committee meeting and after that
deadline the next meeting date is set.

2.4.2 That the committee delegate the task of arranging meeting dates
to one specific individual who is reliably in a position to collate
everyone's availability.

2.5 Data Protection Policy
Explanation: The creation of a data protection policy would
reassure the membership that we handle their data appropriately.

2.5.1 To draft a data protection policy

2.5.2 To delegate the task of drafting this to the tech subcommittee. 

2.5.3 To delegate responsibility for ensuring the draft is completed to Peter.

2.6 Childcare Budget
Explanation: The childcare subcommittee have asked about their
budget for 2009.  Childcare is booked before the event and the search
for childcare has already started.   Looking at the amounts spent in
previous years the subcommittee chair has asked for 1,500 pounds.

2.6.1 That the childcare budget be set to 1,500 pounds.

2.7 Theme Description and Call for Proposals
Explanation: We need to get the call for proposals out as soon as possible 
but it is not ready for approval at this month's meeting.  If we wait for 
next month's meeting the call for proposals could be delayed to March.  The 
programme subcommittee has strong experience in writing theme descriptions and 
call for proposals.  Many of last year's members have stayed on this year and in 
addition there are new members.

2.7.1 That the committee approve in advance of the wording for the call for proposals and 
theme description that the programme subcommittee will compose in order to allow the call 
for proposals go out as soon as possible.  

2.8 Chat list Confidentiality
Explanation:  Some people are concerned about the confidentiality on
the chat list. When or if it is ever appropiate to pass on details from
a post on the chat list to someone not on the chat list.   This in an area 
where opinions differ.

2.8.1 That we ask the members of the chat list what if anything 
they think should be done about that list's confidentiality issues and
then after a deadline reopen the discussion on the committee list.

2.8.2 Who is responsible for initiating this discussion.

3.0 Delegations

None at time of writing.

4.0 Approvals/Decisions:

4.1 Decision: Whether the main committee or programme subcommittee decide on the 
closing date for the call for proposals.  If the committee is to decide then what
date will we choose?

4.2 To approve the exact theme wording for Autscape 2009 as decided by the programme
subcommittee. The wording for the theme was chosen to be "Effective Living".

5.0 Progress Reports if any.  These need to focus on listing progress made,
listing outstanding work and any obstacles to progress.  

5.1 Subcommittee chairs

5.1.1 Childcare - Ruth

5.1.2 Constitution - Yo

5.1.3 Fundraising - Yo

5.1.4 Programme - Martijn

5.1.5 Publicity - Larry

5.1.6 Technical - Debbie

5.1.7 Venue - Peter

5.2 Chair

5.3 Secretary

5.4 Treasurer

5.5 General Committee Member Description - Ruth and Trish

5.6 Devising of complaints procedure - Larry

5.7 Autscape Letterhead design - Trish

5.8 First draft of induction pack - Debbie

5.9 Availability of luminarium - Ruth

6.0 Any other business