Minutes of December 2008 meeting

Autscape Management Committee Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: Monday 8 December 2008 16:34-18:34

Present: Larry, Ruth, Yo, Martijn, Debbie, Peter and Robin

Apologies: Trish, Yo (for 16:50-17:10)

Absent: Selina

Observing: Kitt, Roger

Meeting starts at 16:34

1.0 Ratify decisions taken on list.

1.1 Approval of October Minutes.

2.0 Proposals

2.1 It was agreed by a narrow margin that the theme for Autscape 2009 will
be "Effective Living".

2.2 It was agreed to create an induction pack for new committee members.

It was further agreed that Debbie would take responsibility for the first
draft of the induction pack which will then be open for discussion and

2.3 The committee agreed that Debbie become Vice Company Secretary designate.

2.4 The committee voted for the Autscape Company name to be
"Autscape Organisation".

2.5 The committee voted to ask Kalen if the list she sent to Ruth as part of
the chair handover still exists and if it can be posted directly to the
committee list.

ACTION: Larry to ask Kalen about this list.

3.0 Delegations

3.1 It was agreed that Autscape would enquire about the availability
of the luminarium for 2009.


3.2 It was agreed that Trish would design the letterhead using the new

3.3 It was decided to leave to Debbie the best way of facilitating the
writing of the first draft of the induction pack including getting input
from other people.

4.0 There were no approvals.

5.0 Progress Reports

As Yo would have to leave soon these were re-ordered.

5.4.2: There was nothing further to report from the Constitution group; the
company name was already discussed under proposals.

5.4.3: The Three Guineas Report was sent.

Yo temporarily leaves the meeting.

5.3 Treasurer report by Robin.
5.3.1 The accountant visit went well and Robin intends to introduce a few
new practices such as cheque requisition forms for any cheques that are to
be written.   Robin would like to go and see the accountant again and Larry
agreed Robin could do this alone.

5.3.2 The Signatories form has been submitted to the bank and a post made
to the committee list explaining what new signatories now need to do.

5.4.4 Programme report by Martijn.

Now that Autscape has decided on a theme, Martijn will get the programme
subcommittee started and sort out the details with them. This includes the
exact wording of the theme and the call for proposals.

5.4.5 Publicity - nothing to report.

5.4.6 Technical report by Debbie. Progress towards the new hosting services is a work in progress. A first draft of the archive area for the website is completed and
currently at http://www.autscape.org/testarea/archive/.

5.4.7 Venue report by Peter. Peter reported that Debbie redid some of the draft pages that were
in plain text as HTML pages so people have a better idea of what she is
aiming for.  The draft is at

5.4.1 Childcare Subcommittee Report by Ruth.
5.4.1 The childcare subcommittee is due to start soon.  The first task
will be asking for volunteers to research childcare in the local area.

5.5 Ruth reported that the writing of the general committee member
description is now delegated to Trish although Ruth is keeping the
responsilbity for making sure this is done and may be collaborating
with Trish.

6.0 AOB

Debbie made two proposals regarding the agenda.

6.1 The first is to bypass the sending of the draft agenda separately to the
Chair so that the Chair and the rest of the committee receive the draft
agenda at the same time.  The time saved here would give the committee
time to see and send amendments if needed and the Secretary time to
draft a final agenda.

Yo returned during the subsequent discussion.  There was more agreement
than disagreement over this; however, no final conclusion was formally

6.2 The second was to email the final agenda to the chat and plan lists.  This
would allow people watching the meeting to have a copy of the agenda and
may interest more people in observing.

It was agreed to email the final agenda to a list.  The discussion about
which list or lists this would be was deferred to the committee list.

The meeting closed at 18:34.