Final steps

This page about Autscape 2009 is of historical interest only. Go to the home page for current information.

This page describes the end of your journey by public transport to Autscape

If you need further assistance please contact the travel planning list.

First the bus routes are listed and then the stations. The buses can be caught from outside some of the station.

Bus Routes

Two bus routes serve the venue the 138 which brings you to opposite the venue gates and the 119 which leaves you about a ten minute walk away.

138 Bus Route

The 138 route stops just opposite the venue gates. Ask for the junction between Sylvan Way and Layhams Road; which is at the entrance to the drive.

Further Information about the 138 Route

119 Bus Route

The 119 stops about ten minutes walk from the venue; some of this walk is uphill.

The 119 serves Bromley, Hayes, West Wickham, Shirley, East Croydon and Croydon Colonnades. It is ran by Metrobus for London Buses.

Further Information about the 119 Bus Route

Nearest Rail Stations

The nearest train stations on different lines to the venue are East Croydon, Hayes (Kent) and West Wichkam.

Travelling from East Croydon to the Emmaus Centre

Many public transport routes to Autscape 2009 will meet at East Croydon. East Croydon station is between five and five and a half miles from the venue.

Use the Transport Planning Sites to figure out how to get from East Croydon Station to the venue (postcode BR4 9HH). You will either be going by tram changing to a bus at Addington Village Interchange or just bus. The tram also passes West Croydon Station. The bus will leave you with a ten minute walk to the venue.

You can also get a taxi from East Croydon to the venue. As East Croydon is a major station it has a taxi rank. Advance booking during day time hours shouldn't be necessary.

The distance between East Croydon and the venue is between five and five and a half miles. You can share your taxi and hence fare with up to four other people.

Travelling to the Emmaus Centre from Hayes (Kent)

Hayes (Kent) and West Wickham are the nearest rail stations. These are not underground stations. Hayes is the terminus.

You can catch a train to these stations from London Charing Cross, London Waterloo (East), London Bridge, New Cross, St Johns, Lewisham DLR, Ladywell, Catford Bridge, Lower Sydenham, New Beckenham, Clock House, Elmers End and Eden Park.

South Eastern operate this line and have an online PDF timetable.

You can walk to the venue from Hayes (Kent) station. Use an online mapping service to plan your route, the venue postcode is BR4 9HH.

There are a few small taxi firms serving the area that Hayes and West Wickham are situated. Here are a few we found using google.
Canon Cars, Hayes Taxis and Clock House Cars,

As above the 138 bus route serves Hayes station, which leaves you opposite the venue gates.

Travelling from Bromley South Station

You may end up in Bromley South Station if you travel from Victoria.

Take the Route Bus 119 (see above) from outside Bromley South Station towards The Colonnades Croydon Airport.

Autscape tries to provide travel advice in good faith to its members to assist them. While we do our best we cannot guarantee that the advice we give is always 100% accurate and up-to-date, nor can we be responsible for the actions or policies of transport providers. We recommend that you check your travel plans with the transport companies you plan to use and allow for the possibility of things going wrong on your journey.