Agenda for August 2010 meeting

Final Agenda for August 2010 committee meeting

1.     Approvals

1.1.   Minutes of July meeting (draft posted 22/08/10)

1.2.   Minutes of meetings held during Autscape conference 
       (11-13/08/10)(draft posted 19/08/10)

1.3.   Draft minutes of AGM 2010 for approval by the membership at AGM 2011 
       (draft posted 22/08/10)

2.      Proposals

2.1.    To reappoint Yo as Company Secretary

2.2.    To expand the role of the Childcare SC to include responsibility for 
        issues relating to under 18s at Autscape and rename it the Youth SC

2.3.   To purchase Trustees Indemnity / Directors & Officers Liability 
       insurance up to £100,000 from aQmen for £156.25

2.4.   To make progress on the issue of CRB checks by:

         A - Asking Aspects Care Ltd. to do our CRB checks at a cost of £5 per 
         B - Asking Yo to undertake further enquiries into alternatives
       [See list post 16/08/10 for further information]

2.5    To attempt to co-opt 3 further directors from a short list of up to 
       8 potential candidates.

3.     Roles and responsibilities

3.1.   To balance the need to make progress and have certainty with the 
       potential unfairness of assigning roles before this year's board is
       complete by:

       A  Delaying all appointments until next month's meeting

       B  Making interim appointments only until next month's meeting

       C  Attempting to make a permanent appointment to the post of Treasurer
          and interim appointments to other posts until next month's meeting

       D  Attempting to make permanent appointments to the posts of Treasurer
          and those subcommittee chairships and connected roles (Programme 
          Coordinator, Venue Coordinator, Webmaster & Youth programme 
          coordinator [if required]) for which there are candidates and interim
          appointments to other posts until next month's meeting

       E  Attempting to make permanent appointments to all roles at this meeting

3.2.   Chair. (Last year - Kalen) Candidates:

3.3.   Treasurer. (Last year - Peter) Candidates: Peter

3.4.   Venue Coordinator. (Last year - Peter) Candidates: Peter

3.5.   Programme Coordinator. (Last year - Martijn) Candidates:

3.6.   Subcommittee Chairs

3.6.1.      Venue (Last year - Peter/Debbie) Candidates: Peter

3.6.2.      Pub (Last year - Yo) Candidates: Kalen

3.6.3.      Fundraising  (Last year - Vacant) Candidates: Yo

3.6.4.      Constitution (Last year - Yo) Candidates: Yo

3.6.5.      Tech (Last year - Peter) Candidates: Peter

3.6.6.      Programme (Last year - Martijn) Candidates:

3.6.7.      Childcare (Last year - Yo) Candidates: Yo*

            *Only standing if no other candidates

4.     Follow ups

4.1.   2011 Venue

4.2.   2011 Dates

5.      Key position progress reports (matters not covered earlier)

5.1.   2009-2010 Venue coordinator (outstanding issues from Autscape 
       conference 2010)

5.2.   2009-2010 Treasurer (Affordability of Ammerdown in 2011 as 
       contingency, accountant progress)

5.3.   Company Secretary (solicitor situation, conflict of interest issue, 
       CRBs, Companies House filings)

5.4.   Chair

6.      Any other business