Agenda for July 2010 meeting

Autscape Management Committee Meeting Agenda
Sunday 18th July 2010 3pm

1.      Approvals
1.1.    Minutes of June meeting (draft posted 20/06/10)

2.      Ratifications
2.1.    Insurance purchase from CaSE at a cost of £192.15 (a 25% reduction on
        last year).

2.2.    Job descriptions

2.2.1.  Director (formerly General Committee Member) - posted 14/07/2010
2.2.2.  Treasurer - posted 15/07/2010
2.2.3.  Secretary - posted 15/07/2010
2.2.4.  Chair - posted 15/07/2010

3.      Follow up
3.1.    Merchandise agreement.
3.2.    Directors' indemnity insurance
3.3.    Whether any other insurance is needed
3.4.    Guidelines for journalists - we were asked on the plan list and Trish
        promised to look into this

4.      Proposals
4.1.    That organiser wear (e.g. sashes, baseball caps) remains the property
        of Autscape and are to be returned at the end of the event. Organisers 
        may have the option to purchase items at Autscape's discretion
4.2.    Optional expenses budget - posted 17/07/2010
4.3.    The Company Secretary designate requests a budget of £100 out of the 
        funds set aside for development to buy relevant books to assist with 
        that role.

5.      Approvals
5.1.    Draft health and safety policy
5.2.    Full accounts for 2008/2009 - latest version posted 17/07/10
        (approval subject to the approval of the full membership at AGM)
5.3.    Company Secretary job description - posted 15/07/2010

6.      Delegations
6.1.    Volunteer needed to send out notification of the list of nominees and
        the AGM agenda by 30th July on behalf of the secretary (who will leave
        a draft agenda which will be missing only the list of nominees, but 
        who will be on holiday at the time)

7.      Subcommittee and working group Progress Reports 
        (suggested topics listed)
7.1.    Venue (2011 venue booking)
7.2.    Tech (Wireless access at the venue)
7.3.    Publications/publicity (business card, information pack)
7.4.    Constitution (policies)
7.5.    Fundraising - progress on finding a chair
7.6.    Childcare
7.7.    Programme - schedule
7.8.    Transport working group (off site transport)

8.      Key position progress reports (matters not covered earlier)
8.1.    Venue coordinator
8.2.    Registrar (registration, numbers wanting a place but unable to attend)
8.3.    Treasurer (accountant progress)
8.4.    Secretary (solicitor situation and CRBs)
8.5.    Chair

9.      Any other business