Minutes of 23 July 2022 meeting

Minutes of meeting of the Board of Directors of the Autscape Organisation

Autscape board meeting, 23 July 2022 16:00 BST (17:00 CEST, 18:00 EEST)

Meeting opened 1604

Present: Martijn, Heta, James, Richard, Trish, Kalen.

Apologies: Elaine (running late)

Absent: Peter

Observers: 2

1. Approvals

1.1 Minutes of the 26th June meeting, posted to the list on 10th July.

There was a query about updating the website and it was confirmed Martijn is still to write up a tech strategy for the Board.

Carried, 6 for

Action 1.1 Martijn to write up tech strategy, Elaine to follow up

NB include in next agenda

2. Ratifications

No Ratifications

3. Proposals

No proposals

4. Follow-ups

No follow-ups

5. Role reports

5.1 Treasurer

The Treasurer reported that ticket sales have been poor and only just exceed the contracted venue cost. He will be discussing with Elaine. He said we are not going to run out of money, but we're likely to make a loss. Cashflow could again be an issue in 2023.

There was a discussion where it was mentioned that we need to start advertising a lot earlier next year, or even this year. Many people are not ready for a large real-life event yet after the pandemic.

There should be a meeting to go through the budget and what we've actually spent.

It was suggested we talk to the POC people who seem to be good at fundraising.

We could advertise at Autscape and put more into encouraging donations as well as making donations more noticeable on the website.

Martijn said he will put the donate button on the front page and Richard suggested also a link to the donations page.

There was a short discussion over whether donations could be refunded if people changed their minds. But it was stated that donations are unlikely to make a significant difference given Autscape's budget. The focus should be on large grants from trusts.

5.2 Event Organiser

The Event Organiser reported that the timetable has been set up and is ready to be published very soon. She has recruited a large team of volunteers and needs to sort them into roles now. The participant-led activities are also pouring in, so there will be plenty available to do. Elaine has talked to catering and the manager is the same as at High Leigh, so it should be very straightforward to organise the menus asap. There was the presenter disruption, of which the board are aware. It seems to have settled now, but the board may wish to revisit in a calm period after the event and preferably before the new board members take up their posts.

Elaine joined the meeting at 1630

Elaine has been struggling with the demands of some participants but this is normal.

The online event is coming along, although streaming is not something any of us feel very confident about.

It was mentioned that zoom can be tested Sunday and Chen should be asked to be available then. If need be one of us can join zoom on our own device.

Elaine said she was hoping to give final numbers but it will have to wait till later. We have a lot of day people though

6. AOB

6.1 Kalen asked if there will be a meeting 27th August. She thinks there are things we need to discuss that should be with the current board, not the new ones that will be in place from September. It limits the spread of sensitive information.

It was confirmed there would be a meeting in August.

6.2 The Company Secretary proposed to announce a competition at Autscape 2022 to design a new logo for Autscape to use due to the impending 20 year anniversary.

There was a discussion and mixed feelings about change were expressed. There was a suggestion the existing one could be an option in the vote. The possibility of a competition was not liked by all. A style for everything and a cleaner look was mentioned, as well as a belief that graphic artists should be paid for their work and not compete with amateurs. It was also mentioned that it is possible for charities to look too professional and corporate. There was some interest in just changing the colour.

Deferred to list

NB include in next agenda

Meeting re-opened 1708

7. Closed part of Meeting

7.1 [confidential item redacted]

Meeting closed 1756