Minutes of 25 June 2022 meeting

Minutes of meeting of the Board of Directors of the Autscape Organisation

Autscape board meeting, 25 June 2022 16:00 BST (17:00 CEST, 18:00 EEST)

Meeting opened 1610

Present: James, Kalen, Trish, Richard, Elaine, Peter
Apologies: Heta, Martijn

Observers: two

1. Approvals

1.1 Minutes of the 28th May meeting, posted to the list on 8th June.

Carried, 6 for

2. Ratifications

No Ratifications

3. Proposals

3.1 The Company Secretary proposed the Board approve the Annual Report posted to the list 19th June.

This was amended to:

The Company Secretary proposed the Board approve the Annual Report pending final figures.

Carried, 6 for

3.2 The Company Secretary proposes the Board approve the Company Accounts posted to the list

Deferred to list.

4. Follow-ups

4.1 Jump Network and change of Website

It was confirmed that the outstanding bill has been paid and did not need Board approval. Richard has posted thoughts on the website to list and Martijn has posted that he will be sending more information about updating the website.

4.1 Action - Martijn to post to list, Elaine to follow-up.

5. Role reports

5.1 The event organiser reported that we now have 211 (amended to 209) places booked, of which 10 are children. This is enough to stop panicking about not breaking even, although it is still well below the minimum. We have opened booking for the online event, but it hasn't been advertised yet so no bookings. The schedule of presentations is very nearly done with just a couple of tweaks needed, so that should be publishable within a day or two. Then day registrations can open, but that will take a few days to sort out in Ticket Tailor.

The Treasurer reported that a small number have been cancelled recently when he was chasing payment as some were duplicates. 209

Trish agreed to discuss incomplete orders with Richard after the meeting.


6.1 Pete asked for the twitter password.

Deferred to be followed up with Martijn onlist.

6.1 Action - Martijn to be asked for password onlist.


7.1 AGM and persons standing for Board at end of Term

[confidential discussion redacted]

The Chair proposed the Board recommend Martijn for election.

Carried, 6 for.

Meeting Closed 16.58