Agenda for June 2020 meeting

Agenda for 27th June 2020 board meeting

Meeting to be held at 2 pm on Saturday 27th June 2020

at #autscape

1. Approvals

1.1. Minutes of the 18th April 2020 meeting posted to the list on 26th June

1.2. Minutes of the 23rd May 2020 meeting posted to the list on 26th June

2. Ratifications

   No ratifications.

3. Proposals

3.1. The Annual accounts for 2018-2019

3.1.1. The Treasurer proposes ... to be appointed as the independent
       examiner of the accounts.

3.1.2. The Treasurer proposes that the Board approves the annual accounts
       for 2018-2019.

       - The accounts have been posted to the list on 14th April.

       - The independent examiner's reports have been posted to the list on 26th June.

3.2. The Company Secretary requests that the Board approve the Annual Report
     for 2018-2019.

     - The report has been posted to the list on 27th June. (?)

3.3. The Event Manager proposes the following adjustments to the fee

     - £20 per login (one location, unlimited viewers, but only one
       participating at any one time.)

     - £10 per additional login in the same location, e.g. house or other
       building, still only one participating at the (different) screen.

     - Bespoke rates for groups of 5 or more who will log in at the same
       location using multiple screens.

3.4. The Programme Coordinator proposes that Autscape buy the ‘large
     meeting’ upgrade to Zoom to allow interactive meetings with more than
     100 people.

3.5. The Programme Coordinator proposes that as it is impractical to offer a
     meaningful children’s programme this year that we give refunds for all
     children under 13, and for children age 13-15 who don’t want to
     participate separately from their parents.

3.6. Autscape 2020 Programme

     The Programme Coordinator proposes that the board approves the
     following proposals concerning the programme.

     [list not included in agenda due to moratorium]

3.7. AGM 2020

     The Company Secretary proposes that the board approves the following
     proposals concerning the 2020 Annual General Meeting.


4. Follow-ups

4.1. The possibility of registering with the Fundraising Regulator

4.2. EUCAP webinar and AGM

     Martijn and Kalen presented about Autscape at the webinar, as planned.

     Martijn was elected to the EUCAP Executive Board for a two-year term.

5. Role reports

5.1. Chair (Martijn)

5.2. Company Secretary (Elaine)

5.3. Honorary Secretary (Heta)

5.4. Treasurer (Jeremy)

5.5. Event Manager Autscape UK 2020 (James)

The planning for the online event is going well. We are discussing and
exploring the capabilities of Zoom and other platforms to determine what we
can actually do, and we are confident that we can come up with a largely
professional and successful event.

We will need a good number of competent volunteers to help support the
various events, i.e. hosts, moderators, group leaders (for home groups,)
tech support. The more competent moderators, the better, because that means
that other volunteers can have more rest periods, which will probably be
very important. If any Board members can volunteer to moderate even one
event, that would be very helpful. Training can and will be offered.

The number of people registered is now [TBC]

The Organisers had a special meeting to put together a list of presenters
drawn from the proposals that we have received. Kalen has drawn up the list
subject to confirmation/clarification of some items.

Kalen is also proposing to offer practice sessions to all participants, so
they are familiar with the platforms that we will be using (in particular,
Zoom,) an idea which I fully support.


5.6. Membership Secretary (Jeremy)

5.7. Fundraising coordinator (Jenny)

The action I committed to regarding possibly registering with the
Fundraising Regulator is on-going, as I've tried several times to speak with
someone at the organisation to gather more information on whether it would
be beneficial for Autscape to register, but have not been able to, probably
due to the Corona virus impact.

It seems very important to me for Autscape to have a Fundraising Policy in
place, which we don't at present. I have put together a draft policy
document, which the Company Secretary has said she is dealing with.

I am also giving attention to the draft Fundraising Strategy document. The
first draft was produced in November 2019 and submitted to the board in
November 2019. Any thoughts/comments would be really appreciated.

5.8. Tech coordinator (Martijn)

5.9. Lists coordinator (Kalen)

5.10. Venue search coordinator (Elaine)

6. Any Other Business

Closed part of the meeting

7. Nominations

7.1. EUCAP representative (voting)

     Nominations: James Pelham

7.2. Autscape 2020 Registrar

     The Event Manager proposes that Trish Jubb be appointed as Registrar
     for the Autscape Event 2020.

7.3. The Event Manager proposes that Trish Jubb be added to the Board list
     for communication purposes in a non-voting capacity.

8. Any Other Business

Appendix A

Explanation to 3.5: We bought the webinar upgrade, as discussed and decided
at the last meeting. That is good for ‘lectures’ and allows participants to
ask questions. However, interaction is limited. Participants can’t see each
other and have to be given specific permission to talk. There is also no
break-out room facility. For sessions that are more interactive or include
small group discussions (including, but not limited to home groups) we need
to have a ‘meeting’ rather than a ‘webinar’. Meetings are limited to 100
people unless we pay for a large meeting upgrade, which is what I’m asking
for. I don’t know how much it costs because they need details about the
current subscription that I didn’t have access to at the time. However, I am
completely confident that it will be easily covered by the fees we have
taken in from bookings.