Agenda for March 2018 (extra) meeting

Agenda for March 2018 extra board/organiser meeting

Meeting to be held at 2pm GMT on Tuesday 13 March 2018
at #autscape

Apologies: Larry

1. Approvals

1.  Proposals

1.1. The Company Secretary proposes that the board discuss and agree the
     Programme section of the delegations for running the Autscape
     Conference 2018 as shown in Appendix A.

2. Proposals

2.1. The organising committee propose that the board accept the structure of
     the fees set for the Autscape 2018 Conference as shown in Appendix B.

3. Any Other Business

Appendix A

Programme delegation

See attachment.

Appendix B

Fee structure

The proposal contains confidential information, so is only accessible to
board members. View the fee structure proposal