Minutes of February 2016 meeting

Minutes of meeting of the Board of directors of The Autscape Organisation

Meeting date: Saturday 27th February 2016

Meeting time: 15:00 GMT

Meeting Chair: Kalen

Present: Kalen, Debbie, Jeremy, Joseph, Trish, Elaine

Absent: Liz

Apologies: None

Observers: None

Meeting opened: 3:20 pm, closed 5:14 pm

1. Approvals

1.1 Minutes of the January 2015 meeting posted on list on 27th Feb 2016.
    1.1. January 2016 minutes approved, 6 for

[Debbie left the meeting at this point.]

2. Ratifications

2.1 The Company Secretary proposed on 29th January that we delegate
    authority for the programme coordinator to have overall responsibility
    for childcare and to arrange and coordinate the childcare programme.
    (7 For)

2.2 The Company Secretary proposed on 29th January that the Company
    Secretary, subject to the agreement of 2 other directors, be delegated
    the authority to annually renew the contract with FCVO (the mail
    forwarding company which holds the Autscape official address), and to
    authorise the necessary expenditure. Following renewal the cost is to be
    reported at the next board meeting. Note: if there are to be any
    material changes to the terms of the contract, Bye-law 4.4 requires the
    full board to approve it. (Apr 2012,2.4) (7 For).

2.1 and 2.2 approved together, 5 for

3. Proposals

3.1 The Company Secretary proposed that we make a new role of Membership
    Secretary. See Appendix A for rationale.
    3.1 Membership Secretary approved, 5 for

3.2 The company secretary proposed we adopt the job description for the role
    of chair of publications, as in the agenda.

    The job description was reworded as:


    The Chair of Publications is responsible for producing anything that a
    director may need to fulfil a role eg. Call for proposals or a form and
    anything Autscape requires publishing.

    The Chair will either be given a brief or a draft document from the
    board, subcommittee or working group chairs, editors or anybody working
    on behalf of Autscape.

    The Chair is responsible for producing the document and editing it to
    the satisfaction of the sender, in conjunction with the Publications
    sub-committee as appropriate, and meeting any agreed deadline.

    3.2 Chair of Publications job description approved, 5 for

[Trish chaired the meeting from this point]

3.3 The Company Secretary proposed that we disband the Merchandise working
    group and make individuals responsible for submitting budgets to the
    board and purchasing things they require for Autscape.
    3.3 Disbanding of Merchandise wg approved, 4 for

3.4 The Company Secretary proposed that the Venue co-ordinator be delegated
    the responsibility to purchase merchandise to be sold on behalf of
    Autscape and responsibility for the sensory room equipment including new
    3.4 Delegation of responsibility to Venue Coordinator approved, 4 for

3.5 The Company Secretary proposed that the Venue Co-ordinator be delegated
    the responsibility for the storage and safe keeping of Autscapes
    equipment and their transportation to and from the venue
    3.5 Storage approved, 4 for

3.6 Joseph proposed that the board approve travel expenses for a venue visit
    to Newland Park in accordance with the Expenses/Allowances policy of not
    more than GBP 140.
    Joseph reported that he and Debbie plan to visit Newland Park in
    North-west London on the provisional date of March 7th. The date has not
    been confirmed with the venue yet.
    3.6 Expenses approved, 5 for

[Debbie returned to the meeting at this point]

[Kalen chaired the meeting from this point]

4. Follow-ups

4.1. Web systems/tech
    Elaine reported she has made some progress with this. Martijn has
    confirmed what he would like to continue with and has been in touch with
    Peter. The outcome will be reported to list soon.
    4.1 Action - Elaine to report to list on what Martijn and Peter will be
    doing on web systems/tech.

5. Role reports

5.1 Chair
    The Chair reported that we are now making notable progress towards
    actually organising Autscape. A few things have resolved in the last few
    weeks and although some things haven't been happening on an ideal
    timetable, they are things we can compensate for to still get it all
    organised in good time.

5.2 Company/honorary secretary
    The Secretary reported that the chat list policy was in circulation and
    should be finished soon. The next policy she will be working on is Tech.
    Before that though she hopes to send the annual report around for

5.3 Company Treasurer
    The Company Treasurer reported that the cheque signing form has been
    sorted and she is working on releasing the previous vice treasurer from
    their responsibilities. Jeremy has access to the bank account and can do
    bank transfers. Paypal want a list of our directors and Peter will take
    care of this. Peter will shortly be working with Jeremy to arrange for
    Jeremy's access to Paypal (and remove the previous treasurer's access).

5.4 Programme coordinator
    The programme coordinator reported that the Call for proposals is ready
    to go out as soon as the proposal submission form which has been updated
    to be simpler yet more flexible has been tested. She expects to have
    this done by the end of next week, but hopefully earlier. She has not
    yet made contact with childcare.

5.5 Venue coordinator
    The venue coordinator reported that she has been trying to get the
    contract but it is half term at the moment so she is not overly
    concerned at the lack of response.

5.6 Chair of publications
    Kalen reported that the AU ad has been submitted and the sc has helped
    with the CfP. Elaine reported that she is intending to request a report
    from David in advance of meetings in future.
    5.6 Action - Elaine to ensure David is asked for a report in advance of

5.7 2017 venue search
    Joseph reported that the 2017 venue should be more accessible than
    previous years for people mobility issues, and that whittles the venues
    down to three (Shrewsbury, Sneaton Castle and Kings Park), possibly four
    if we find that Newland Park has potential when we visit it. Kalen
    clarified that if we are going to choose another venue that is difficult
    for people with mobility issues, then we would need to make a deliberate
    decision not to adhere to the policy for some compelling reason (like no
    other venues available).

6. Subcommittee reports

6.1. Fundraising (Liz) - deferred, no report received.

7. AOB

7.1 The chair proposed that the meeting scheduled for 23 April be changed to
    30 April.
    There was a short discussion over availability and Kalen agreed to defer
    this until she was certain of her plans.
    7.1 Action: Kalen to follow up on change of date for April meeting

Closed part of the meeting

8. Role assignments

8.1 Membership secretary
    Debbie gave a short description of tasks involved.
    Candidates: Jeremy and Trish
    8.1 Jeremy for membership secretary. 5 for, 1 abstention.

8.2 Registrar
    Candidates: Debbie
    8.2 Debbie for Registrar, 6 for

8.3. Board Liaison to the moderators of the chat list
    There was a short discussion. It was confirmed this is going to be a new
    role in accordance with the chat list policy. So there are two chat list
    moderators, but one board member they report to. It will involve
    mediating a dispute and deciding when something really requires board
    involvement (and when it doesn't). It needs a good decision maker.
    Candidates:  Trish and Joseph 
    8.3. Joseph for chat list liaison. 4 for, 2 abstentions

Meeting closed 5.14 pm


4.1 Action - Elaine to report to list on what Martijn and Peter will be
doing on web systems/tech

5.6 Action - Elaine to ensure David is asked for a report in advance of

7.1 Action: Kalen to follow up on change of date for April meeting