Agenda for February 2016 meeting

Agenda for February 2016 board meeting

Meeting to be held at 3pm GMT on Saturday 27 February 2016
at #autscape


1. Approvals

1.1. Minutes of the January 2015 meeting posted on list on 27th Feb 2016.

2. Ratifications

2.1. The Company Secretary proposal on 29th January that we delegate
authority for the programme coordinator to have overall responsibility for
childcare and to arrange and coordinate the childcare programme. (7 For)

2.2. The Company Secretary proposal on 29th January that the Company
Secretary, subject to the agreement of 2 other directors, be delegated the
authority to annually renew the contract with FCVO (the mail forwarding
company which holds the Autscape official address), and to authorise the
necessary expenditure. Following renewal the cost is to be reported at the
next board meeting. Note: if there are to be any material changes to the
terms of the contract, Bye-law 4.4 requires the full board to approve it.
(Apr 2012,2.4) (7 For).

3. Proposals

3.1. The Company Secretary proposes that we make a new role of Membership
Secretary. See Appendix A for rationale.

3.2. The Company Secretary proposes we adopt the following job description
for the new role of Chair of Publications:

     Chair of Publications
     The Chair of Publications is responsible for producing anything that a
     director may need to fulfil a role eg. Call for proposals or a form and
     anything Autscape requires publishing.
     The Chair will either be given a brief or a draft document from either
     the board, subcommittee or working group chairs, editors or anybody
     working on behalf of Autscape.
     The Chair is responsible for producing the document and editing it to
     the satisfaction of the sender in conjunction with the Publications sub
     committee, and meeting any deadline set.

3.3. The Company Secretary proposes that we disband the Merchandise working
group and make individuals responsible for submitting budgets to the board
and purchasing things they require for Autscape.

3.4. The Company Secretary proposes that the Venue co-ordinator be delegated
the responsibility to purchase merchandise to be sold on behalf of Autscape
and responsibility for the sensory room equipment including new purchases.

3.5. The Company Secretary proposes that the Venue Co-ordinator be delegated
the responsibility for the storage and safe keeping of Autscapes equipment
and their transportation to and from the venue.

3.6. Debbie and Joseph propose that the board approve travel expenses for a
venue visit to Newlands Park in accordance with the Expenses/Allowances
policy of approximately £X and £X respectively.

4. Follow Ups

4.1. Web systems/Tech (Elaine)

5. Role Reports

5.1. Chair (Kalen)
5.2. Company/Honorary Secretary (Elaine)
5 3. Company Treasurer (Debbie)
5.4. Programme co-ordinator (Kalen)
5.5. Venue co-ordinator (Elaine)
5.6. Chair of Publications (David). 
5.7. 2017 Venue Search co-ordinator (Joseph)

6. Subcommittee Reports

6.1 Fundraising (Liz)

7. AOB

Closed portion of meeting

8. Role Assignments

8.1. Membership Secretary (assuming agreed proposal)
8.2. Registrar
8.3. Board Moderator

Appendix A - Rationale for 3.1

Rationale: currently the membership list is updated by the registrar mainly
during registration. This makes extra work for the registrar at a
particularly busy time. We also don't have a clear pathway for people who
want to become members mid year. Therefore this role will give somebody the
responsibility for keeping the membership list up to date throughout the
year and take the burden off the registrar during registration.

Appendix B - Note: For 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5

If we agree on 3.3, it would leave nobody responsible for merchandise, the
sensory room and transportation of things to Autscape. As these are all
things that are in some way related to the venue I have put them under venue
co-ordinator. However, the venue co-ordinator can delegate these specific
tasks if they want to in the same way they can delegate other tasks. They
just retain overall responsibility.