Agenda for February 2015 meeting

Agenda for February 2015 board meeting

Meeting to be held at 1pm GMT on Sunday 15th February 2015
at #autscape


Apologies: Kalen, Debbie

1.  Proposals:

1.1.  Company address. Debbie proposes we switch the Autscape company
      address to at a cost of £100 plus
      postage for 12 months. See Appendix A for additional note.

1.2.  Font purchase. Alastair proposes that the board authorises the
      publicity subcommittee to spend a maximum of £70 to purchase a license
      for the 'FF DIN Medium' typeface used in the Autscape logo.
      See Appendix B for rationale.

2. Follow ups:

   2.1.  Annual Report
   2.2.  Outstanding Minutes

   2.3.  Personal Data Retention Policy

   2.4.  Guidance for splitting conference organisation from governance

   2.5.  Newsletter

3.  Role reports:

   3.1.  Chair (Martijn)

   3.2.  Treasurer (Peter)

   3.3.  Company Secretary (Debbie)

   3.4.  Web systems (Martijn)

   3.5.  Honorary Secretary (Stephen)

   3.6.  Programme Coordinator (Kalen)
   3.7.  Venue Coordinator (Elaine)

4.  Subcommittee and working group chairs

   4.1.  Publicity and Publications (Alastair)
   4.2.  Fundraising (Liz)

   4.2.  Purchasing WG (Stephen)

5. Any Other Business

(Closed portion of meeting)

6.  Role assignments

   6.1.  Childcare Coordinator (Candidates: )
   6.2.  Transport Coordinator (Candidates: )

(End of closed portion of meeting)

Appendix A - Company address (1.1)

Debbie will need individual's decisions on if they wish to use their
personal addres or the company address as their service address once we
transfer, which will be available on the public record, in order to proceed
in changing over. Please get that to her as soon as possible.

Appendix B - Rationale for font purchase (1.2)

This is the typeface currently used in the Autscape logo which we currently
hold only in vector graphics format. We don't hold the rights or means to
add extra text. This is a limiting factor when designing bespoke logos for
events where it is desirable to supplement the logo text e.g. with the
year/theme and the use of a non-matching typeface is less than ideal.

The licensed typeface would be used for things like logos for future
Autscapes, related events and likely in publications such as the newsletter.
It would not be used for body text.