Agenda for January 2015 meeting

Agenda for January 2015 board meeting

Meeting to be held at 3pm on Sunday 18th January at #autscape


Apologies: Debbie

1.  The Honorary Secretary requests the board waive right to formal notice
    of this meeting.

2.  Proposals:

2.1.  Stephen proposes we discontinue the Research Subcommittee.

3. Follow ups:

   3.1.  Annual Report
   3.2.  Outstanding Minutes

   3.3.  Personal Data Retention Policy

   3.4.  Guidance for splitting conference organisation from governance

   3.5.  Newsletter

   3.6.  Updating the files section of the website

4.  Role reports:

   4.1. Chair (Martijn)

   4.2. Treasurer (Peter)

   4.3. Company Secretary (Debbie)

   4.4. Web systems (Martijn)

   4.5. Honorary Secretary (Stephen)

   4.6. Programme Coordinator (Kalen)
   4.7. Venue Coordinator (Elaine)

5.  Subcommittee and working group chairs

   5.1. Publicity and Publications (Alastair)

   5.2. Purchasing WG (Stephen)

6. Any Other Business

(Closed portion of meeting)

7.  Subcommittee and Working Group Chairs

    7.1.  Fundraising SC (Last year: Liz; Candidates: )
    7.2.  Research SC (Last year: Peter; Candidates: )
          [If 2.1 is voted against]

(End of closed portion of meeting)