Minutes of November 2014 meeting

Minutes of meeting of the Board of directors of The Autscape Organisation

Meeting date: Saturday 15th November 2014

Meeting time: 3.00pm BST

Meeting Chair: Martijn

Present: Stephen, Martijn, Trish, Elaine, Peter, Debbie, Alastair, Kalen, Liz

Apologies: None

Meeting opened 3:07pm.

1.  Request from the Honorary Secretary for directors to waive
    their right to formal notice of this meeting.
    Approved (8 for).
    A discussion on meeting scheduling followed and it was agreed that Peter
    set up a Doodle poll to find peoples' availability for the December
    meeting, after which the method would be reviewed.

2.  Key role reports

2.1.  Chair (Martijn).
      Nothing to report other than that which is being reported elsewhere.
      Martijn stated that he hoped there would be candidates for Chair in
      the closed part of meeting.
2.2.  Treasurer (Peter).
      Peter thanks the Lingard family for the donation of GBP 1000 to
      Autscape from the late Gregory Lingard. We have also received GBP
      45.35 from Charities Trust since we joined that scheme. (The first
      receipt was in June.)
      We have received notice that we need to do a Company Tax return for
      the financial year just finished. Peter has written to HMRC to ask if
      they intend for us to do one every year. It is unfortunate extra work
      but should be possible as the deadline is some months in the future.
2.3.  Company Secretary (Debbie).
      Debbie will be working on the annual report over the next month or so
      and will be emailing the board about this as she wishes to make some
      changes. Liz and Kalen offered help with this.

3.  Proposals

3.1.  Venue. Stephen proposed we provisionally book one of
        A) Giggleswick School
        B) Kingham Hill School
      There was a discussion on outstanding information required and the
      merits of booking a known venue over a possibly better but unknown
      one. Responses from both schools are slow. Kingham is a potential
      option for 2016 regardless. See Appendix I for details.

(Debbie left the meeting at this point.)

      Revised proposal: to book Giggleswick School as the venue for Autscape
      2015, with booking dates subject to Elaine's discretion.
      Revised Proposal (Giggleswick for Autscape 2015) approved (8 for).

3.2.  Facebook Page. Alastair proposed that Autscape create and maintain a
      'Facebook page' to promote the Autscape organisation and related
      matters. This page will fall under the remit of the publicity
      subcommittee and thus be the responsibility of the publicity
      co-ordinator. The publicity co-ordinator may appoint other members of
      the Autscape organisation as administrators.
      There was a discussion about the exact expectations and ramifications
      of this and the proposal was reworded. See Appendix II for further
      Revised proposal: Alastair proposed that a ‘Facebook page’ be created
      to promote and relay information about the Autscape organisation. The
      page will be maintained by the publicity subcommittee and at least two
      members of the board will have administrative permissions over the
      page. The publicity co-ordinator may appoint other members of the
      publicity subcommittee to serve as administrators.
      Revised proposal above (Facebook page) approved (8 for).
      (Martijn volunteered to be one of the admins.)

4.  Follow-ups

4.1.  Future research requests (Stephen)
      Stephen reported he has not yet redrafted the amended Honorary
      Secretary job description to include handling these.

4.2.  Personal Data Retention Policy (Martijn)
      No progress.

4.3.  Guidance for splitting conference organisation from governance (Elaine)
      On hold until the venue has been booked.

4.4-4.7 deferred due to lack of time.

5.  Remaining role reports

5.1.  Web systems (Martijn).
      Nothing to report. Things are operating normally.

5.2.  Honorary Secretary (Stephen).
      The Honorary Secretary reminded people that the Treasurer had
      indicated last month that our documents, while sufficient for our
      legal requirements, aren't easy to work with for a task the Treasurer
      does regularly. This indicates that our documentation could use
      improving. The Honorary Secretary has responsibility for producing and
      maintaining documents and requested that the Board advise him which
      documents he can produce to help them fulfill their responsibilities.

5.3.  Programme Coordinator (Kalen).
      The Programme Coordinator reported that the Theme discussion has
      progressed well and she should be able to propose a (very) short list
      to the board between meetings or at the next meeting at the latest.

6.  Any Other Business

6.1.  Liz announced her pregnancy (due in May 2015) and therefore lack of
      availability May-July 2015 at least.
      Congratulations were expressed by members of the Board.

Closed part of the meeting

7.  Role assignments.

7.1.  Chair (Last year Martijn; Candidates: Martijn, Trish)
      Martijn was elected Chair (4 for Martijn, 2 for Trish).

7.2.  Vice Chair (Last year Elaine; Candidates: Elaine, Trish)
      Trish was elected Vice Chair (5 for).

7.3.  Treasurer (Last year Peter; Candidates: Peter).
      Peter was elected Treasurer (8 for).

7.4.  Vice Treasurer (Last year none; Candidates: Stephen)
      Stephen was elected Vice Treasurer (7 for).

7.5.  Web Systems (Last year Martijn; Candidates: Martijn)
      Martijn was elected as responsible for Web Systems (7 for).

7.6.  Honorary Secretary (Last year Stephen; Candidates: Trish, Stephen)
      There was a discussion as to the suitability of Trish combining this
      with Vice Chair. Trish asked to continue the minutes regardless and
      offered general help to Stephen.
      Stephen was elected Honorary Secretary (6 for).

Meeting closed 5:04pm.

Appendix I. Giggleswick and Kingham Hill venues

Elaine is still trying to confirm with Kingham on bedrooms and single
rooms/multiple occupancy as well as whether we have exclusive use.

It has not been possible to make a site visit to Kingham in time for the
decision about booking and some aspects may not become apparent without a
visit. However it does appear a good option for investigation for 2016.

Giggleswick is at least known. Despite not being ideal we know we have been
able to run Autscape there. It is possible Giggleswick was at a disadvantage
before in comparison to our only venue experience which was Ammerdown. Some
of the issues may now be resolved - boarding houses have been refurbished,
there are new facilities (theatre) and we may be able to better us the rooms
and therefore work round the access difficulty with the hill. There were no
room locks however houses did lock. It is however unclear whether the week
of 9th would give us exclusive use - the other date definitely would not.

Appendix II. Autscape Facebook page

Stephen said he would like to see this expanded to cover the power for the
publicity subcommittee to create social media profiles that are felt by
publicity and publications to be of benefit to Autscape, preferably with
consultation of the board but not needing to go to the board for a vote.

Autscape need to be aware of whether there is a significant risk that this
could affect the company's reputation as this would mean we were unable to
delegate to the subcommittee (Byelaw 4.4)

All directors are obligated to act in the company's best interest.
Presumably we would trust the Pub SC chair to act in Autscape's best
interest when it comes to publicity. When making decisions, you have to
assume general competence otherwise we couldn't ever do anything.There are
also significant reputational benefits to creating social media profiles -
which some might see as outweighing the potential risks.

"Related Matters" needs to be carefully considered. If it becomes posts
about other organisations or events etc then it could get contentious
whereas simple Autscape information such as venue and registration would not
be such an issue.

In the case of the Facebook page the idea was for Chen to do the main
management of it (he'd get that power from the Pub SC).