Agenda for November 2014 meeting

Agenda for November 2014 board meeting

Meeting to be held at 3pm on Saturday 14th November at #autscape


Apologies: Debbie

1. Request from the honorary secretary for directors to waive their right to
   formal notice of this meeting.

2. Key role reports:

   2.1. Chair (Martijn)

   2.2. Treasurer (Peter)

   2.3. Secretary (Debbie)

3. Proposals:

   3.1. Stephen proposes we provisionally book one of
            A) Giggleswick School
            B) Kingham Hill School
   3.2. Alastair proposes that Autscape create and maintain a 'Facebook
        page' to promote the Autscape organisation and related matters. This
        page will fall under the remit of the publicity subcommittee and
        thus be the responsibility of the publicity co-ordinator. The
        publicity co-ordinator may appoint other members of the Autscape
        organisation as administrators.

4. Follow ups:

   4.1. Future Research Requests

   4.2. Personal Data Retention Policy

   4.3. Guidance for splitting conference organisation from governance

   4.4. Outstanding Minutes

   4.5. Chat list moderator powers

   4.6. Website Files

   4.7. Newsletter

5. Remaining Role Reports:

   5.1. Web systems (Martijn)

   5.2. Honorary Secretary (Stephen)

   5.3. Programme Coordinator (Kalen)

6. Any Other Business

(Closed portion of meeting)

7. Role Assignments

    7.1 Chair (Last year Martijn; Candidates: Martijn)

    7.2 Vice Chair (Last year Elaine; Candidates: )

    7.3 Treasurer (Last year Peter; Candidates: )

    7.4 Vice Treasurer (Last year None; Candidates: Stephen)

    7.5 Web Systems (Last year Martijn; Candidates: Martijn)

    7.6 Honorary Secretary (Last year Stephen; Candidates: Trish, Stephen)

    (It is not proposed to seek to elect a venue coordinator until the
    venue is known)

(End of closed portion of meeting)