Minutes of October 2013 meeting

Minutes of meeting of the Board of directors of The Autscape Organisation

Meeting date: Sunday 20th October 2013

Meeting time: 2.00pm BST

Meeting Chair: Martijn

Present: Alastair, Debbie, Elaine, Martijn, Stephen, Yo

Apologies: Trish, Liz

1.  Ratifications

1.1.  The board ratified the decision made on the board list not to appoint
      Kalen as Company Secretary. (6 for)

2.  Key positions to be filled
    (Handled out of order during a closed part of the meeting, as per
    the decision made under 2.1 last month)

2.1.  Honorary Secretary (clerk to the board)
      The board decided to appoint Debbie honorary secretary (5 for).

2.2.  Company Secretary
      Alastair agreed to contact a solicitor he knows, with Autism
      experience, to see if they would be willing to be interviewed for the
      role. Stephen reminded the board to check if our indemnity insurance
      would cover a non-trustee company secretary.
      After further discussing options for a permanent company secretary,
      the board decided to appoint Yo interim company secretary until
      the end of the 17th November 2013 board meeting (5 for).

3.  Follow-ups

3.1.  PO Box and change of address (see Appendix A)
      A discussion ensued about inconsistency when addressing mail to us,
      confidentiality, and a non-geographically linked solution. Debbie
      volunteered to research and propose options for a PO box or permanent
      address during the month ahead. It was confirmed that the current PO
      box runs out in April.

3.2.  Treasurer
      (Handled out of order during the closed part of the meeting)
      Peter has stated he is willing to be co-opted at the meeting on 17th
      November but not before. Stephen agreed to continue in the interim.

4.  Subcommittee chairs
    (Handled out of order during the closed part of the meeting)

    4.1. Formal Programme subcommittee (Programme Coordinator)
         Candidates: Martijn
         Martijn was elected Programme Coordinator (no objections).

    4.2. Alternative Programme subcommittee
         Candidates: Trish
         Help was offered by Stephen, Alastair and Elaine. Trish was elected
         chair of the Alternative Programme subcommittee (no objections).

    4.3. Publicity and Publications subcommittee
         Candidates: Alastair
         Alastair was elected chair of the Publicity and Publications
         subcommittee (no objections).

    4.4. Research subcommittee
         Candidates: none
         Debbie was elected chair of the Research subcommittee (no

    4.5. Fundraising subcommittee
         Candidates: none
         The current chair, Elaine, agreed to resurrect her fundraising
         strategy (completed but still to be presented to board). It was
         agreed to defer the appointment of a new chair until Liz had been
         approached as a candidate.

5.  Key position progress reports (matters not covered earlier)

5.1.  Interim Treasurer (Stephen)
      (Handled out of order)
      "Not much progress since last month, although not much has accumulated
      since then, sorry about this. The insurance company has given us an
      invoice for the correct insurance now, and that's in the process of
      being paid (payment still needs authorising by a second party, my
      fault it hasn't yet been - I forgot to e-mail the other person with
      access to our internet banking)."

5.2.  2014 Venue Coordinator (Elaine)
      "Nothing to report yet."

5.3.  Web systems (Martijn)
      "Nothing really to report, things are the same as last time. Continued
      incremental updates to the website, technical maintenance and slow
      familiarisation with the technical intricacies of the system."
      Martijn confirmed that 'IT systems manager' and 'Web systems' are just
      different terms referring to the same job.

5.4.  Chair (Martijn)
      "Major issue at hand is we need a company secretary (who does legal
      stuff) as well as a honorary secretary (who does things like agendas
      and minutes). They may or may not be the same person."

6. Any other business

   Company secretary and honorary secretary job descriptions

   Yo proposed that we adopt the separate drafts as posted to the Board list
   as alternatives to the current Company Secretary job description. There
   was concern that the new Company Secretary job description was
   excessively complex, but it was decided that the descriptions can be
   tweaked later. There was also concern over indemnity insurance if the
   company secretary is not a trustee.

6.1.  The board decided to adopt the current draft Company Secretary job
      description (5 for, 1 against).

6.2.  The board decided to adopt the current draft Honorary Secretary job
      description (6 for).

   Yo stated that until or unless the board makes a firm decision about
   splitting the role or not, we should keep the existing one too as an

Meeting closed 4.14 pm.