Agenda for October 2013 meeting

Agenda for October 2013 board meeting

Meeting to be held at 2pm on Sunday 20th October at #autscape


  Apologies: Trish, Liz

  1. Ratifications

    1.1. The decision made on the board mailing list not to appoint
         Kalen as Company Secretary.

  2. Key positions to be filled
    Note: this assumes that we split up the old Company Secretary job
    into Honorary Secretary (writing agendas and minutes, dealing with
    official correspondence for the board) and Company Secretary (the
    person who makes sure the organisation follows company law, submits
    required data and reports, etc.)

    2.1. Honorary Secretary (clerk to the board)
         Candidates: ...
    2.2. Company Secretary
         - Recruitment from outside
         - Recruitment among members
         - Peter doubles as treasurer and comp sec
         - Kalen becomes interim comp sec in spite of being Martijn's partner
           (subject to adopting a policy to deal with conflict of loyalty)
         - Ask Yo to continue as interim comp sec for now
         - ... ?

  3. Follow-ups

    3.1. PO Box and change of address
         See Appendix A.

    3.2. Treasurer
  4. Subcommittee chairs (additional candidates are welcome to
     state their interest before or during the meeting)

    4.1. Formal Programme SC (Programme Coordinator)
         Candidates: Martijn

    4.2. Alternative Programme SC
         Candidates: Trish

    4.3. Publicity and Publications SC
         Candidates: Alastair

    4.4. Research SC
         Candidates: ....

    4.5. Fundraising SC
         Candidates: ....

  5. Key position progress reports (matters not covered earlier)

    5.1. Interim Treasurer (Stephen)

    5.2. 2014 Venue Coordinator (Elaine)

    5.3. Web systems (Martijn)

    5.4. Chair (Martijn)

  6. Any other business


There is an important difference between a PO Box address (which is what we
have now) and a "virtual address" / "city address". Explanation here:

Debbie reports that a "virtual address" may be cheaper than £20 per month.

One such service is at: