Minutes of December 2011 meeting

Final December Minutes
Minutes of meeting of the Board of directors of The Autscape Organisation
Meeting date: Sunday 4th December 2011
Meeting time: 2.00pm BST

Present:  Elaine, Kalen, Martijn, Peter, Stephen, Yo
Apologies Debbie and Trish

Following a request by the company secretary, directors waived their right to
formal notice of this meeting.

1.  Administrative

1.1.The board notes that the chair will require a leave of absence of 4-6 weeks
beginning near the end of April.

2.Follow ups

2.1.The announcement about subcommittees and working groups has now been made.


3.1.The board decided to dissolve the transport working group. (5 for, 0

3.2.1.There was a brief discussion of the chair's proposal to make formal
meeting announcements for the remaining meetings all at once as soon as
possible. The chair made the point that it would be simpler to do them all at
once and would avoid having to give it further thought. The Company Secretary
pointed out that the disadvantage would be that any change to one meeting would
be likely to require reissuing the whole announcement and she thought an
automated announcement would be just as simple and efficient and clarified the
distinction between the legal obligation to notify directors and Autscape's
practice of sending out meeting reminders to all members and the directors. The
matter was deferred to the board email list for further discussion. 
3.2.2.The board instructed the company secretary to ensure that reminders are
issued 2 days before each meeting.  (3 for, 0 against).

3.3.The board decided that the remit of wg-tech should be to aid and advise the
venue coordinator about potential technical issues that might need resolving or
raising with the venue, principally regarding the AV system and IT
requirements. (6 for, 0 against)

3.4. The board discussed at length a shortlist of potential themes for Autscape
2012. These were:
Autisms - similarities and diversities
Independent living* (and the possibility of combining with or changing the
wording to include 'Living in the community with autism)
Autistic empowerment*
Mapping the world of autism
Expanding Autistic Horizons/Exploring Autistic Futures
Autism through the lifespan
Autistic Autonomy 
The discussion was fruitful in narrowing the list further but a final decision
was deferred to the board list.

4. Subcommittee progress reports.

4.1.Sc-prog-formal (sc membership, task list and timetable for the year). The
chair reported that as discussed above,  a theme shortlist has been drawn
up. The subcommittee has also spent some time discussing the balance of
presentations vs. discussions.

4.2.  Sc-prog-alt (sc membership, task list and timetable for the year). There
was no report due to the absence of the chair.

4.3.Sc-fund (sc membership, task list and timetable for the year). The chair
reported that they had some possible grants to check out and some other fund
raising opportunities. She also reported that somebody who is being sponsored
to run the London Marathon  would like to nominate Autscape as one of her

4.4.Sc-research (sc membership, task list and timetable for the year). The
chair was absent from the meeting but had reported to the board earlier that
she planned to start her sc going once the announcement about it goes out and
the getting involved page is updated. She also reported looking for creches and
having found one or two, although most in that area seem to be franchises, many
which Autscape has contacted before.

4.5.Sc-pub (sc membership, task list and timetable for the year). The chair
reported that he had contacted five magazines to ask them to send him their
advertising deadlines and fees for the next few issues and he was awaiting

4.6.Working group reports 
Echo, Newsletter, Purchasing, Tech. There was nothing to report. The chair of
wg newsletter was asked if he expected to make progress on the newsletter soon
and whether there was any prospect of getting one out in the next few
months. He replied that he was hoping the announcement will prompt people to
join the wg as at the moment there are only three people active in there.

5.Key position progress reports (matters not covered earlier)

5.1.Webmaster (updating website, new email lists). The webmaster reported that
the 2 day reminder for the board was now in place and if all is well, it should
run for the next meeting.

5.2.Venue coordinator 2012 (planned venue visits). The venue coordinator
reported he had not managed to initiate contact with the venue, or coordinate
with anyone else who needs to go in the past month.

5.3. Treasurer (bank form, tax return, annual report/accounts). The treasurer
reported that he still hadn't had time to do Autscape work but he was aiming to
get the accounts done on the CC39a form by the end of today.

5.4.Company Secretary (files, annual report, info@ guidance, legal issues re
video). The company secretary reported that she couldn't make any progress on
the annual report until she had the accounts. She had also done a few minor
things but she was going to continue to struggle for time until end of Jan. She
would also like to work on the files but needed tech support. This was offered
by Peter. 

5.5.Chair. The chair expressed approval that some progress is being made, but
cautioned that responsible individual's will need to keep moving on the things
they've agreed to do as things gradually get busier from now through May/June
at least (longer for some).

6.There was no other business 

[Part 2 – minutes of closed meeting in separate document}
Meeting closed at 16.52 BST