Minutes of November 2011 meeting

Final November Minutes
Minutes of meeting of the Board of directors of The Autscape Organisation
Meeting date: Sunday 6th November 2011
Meeting time: 12.30pm BST

Present:  Elaine, Martijn, Stephen, Trish 
Apologies Debbie and Yo. Late Peter and Kalen

Following a request by the company secretary, directors waived their right to
formal notice of this meeting.

1.  Announcements

1.1. The board noted that Stephen Miller has been appointed as venue
coordinator and Elaine Binhammer as vice venue coordinator (for Belsey Bridge

2.Follow ups

2.1.New email lists.
The board heard that the new email lists reflecting the changes in sub
committees and working groups had been set up. It was agreed that Stephen
should draft an announcement for the Plan list. 

Peter entered the meeting
2.2.Automating legal notification of Directors meetings.
The web systems manager informed the board that he had put in an automatic
email that will notify him 20 days in advance of a meeting. If that works, he
will change it to notify the board 18 days ahead of the meeting.

2.3.The role of wg-tech
The venue coordinator reminded the board that it was suggested that wg-tech
should be mainly focused on sorting out the tech at the venue but nothing
specific was agreed.


The board agreed to move the January directors meeting from Sunday 1st  January
12.30pm to Sunday 6th January 12.30pm. (5 for, 0 against).

Kalen entered the meeting
4.Roles and responsibilities deferred from previous meeting.

4.1.Registrar. Candidates: Debbie. Debbie was elected (6 for, 0 against)

4.2.Wg-purchasing coordinator. Candidates: Stephen. Stephen was elected (5 for)

4.3.Wg-transport coordinator. This was deferred until January's meeting.

4.4.Wg-tech coordinator. Previously it has been suggested that the venue
coordinator might consider this role and also that the work of wg-tech should
be discussed further. Candidates: Stephen. Stephen was elected (5 for)

5. Subcommittee progress reports.

5.1.Sc-prog-formal (sc membership, task list and timetable for the year). The
chair had nothing to report.

5.2.  Sc-prog-alt (sc membership, task list and timetable for the year). The
chair had nothing to report.

5.3.Sc-fund (sc membership, task list and timetable for the year). The chair
had nothing to report. 

5.4.Sc-research (sc membership, task list and timetable for the year). Peter
reported on behalf of the chair of sc-research that they had begun looking for
local childcare suppliers but had not found any.

5.5.Sc-pub (sc membership, task list and timetable for the year). The chair had
nothing to report.

5.6.Working group reports 
Echo. The Echo coordinator reported that a short discussion had taken place but
no further progress.
Newsletter. The newsletter coordinator reported that there were currently very
few active members of the newsletter group. He also needed to be made admin for
that group which the web systems manager said he would do.  

6.Key position progress reports (matters not covered earlier)

6.1.Webmaster (updating website, new email lists). The webmaster reported that
the sub committees had been renamed (other than wg-purchasing which had been
overlooked.. He had also removed some out of date information from the front
page of the website at the company secretarys request.

6.2.Venue coordinator 2012 (planned venue visits). The venue coordinator
reported he had made significantly less progress than he wanted and that he
needed to coordinate with others who need to go on the venue visit as to dates
and initiate contact with venue.

6.3. Treasurer (bank form, tax return, annual report/accounts). The treasurer
reported that he still needed to send round the bank form and that he had
started worked on the accounts. He was also missing a receipt for the film

6.4.Company Secretary (files, annual report, info@ guidance, legal  issues re
video). There was no report due to the absence of the company secretary.

6.5.Chair. The chair reported that she may have problems with the film license
receipt because of a computer problem. She had also been interviewed by the
company secretary regarding the tasks required throughout the year to make
Autscape happen. The company secretary will subsequently write up the results
and produce a coherent timetable out of it soon.

7.Any other business
The sc-prog-alt coordinator said she had a couple of follow ups with the
treasurer which she would defer to list. The chair said she would like to
propose a change to the meeting timetable which she would defer to list for

Meeting closed at 13.38 BST