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In accordance with the Bursary Policy, Autscape grants bursaries to people who have difficulty covering the cost of attending. A person who receives a bursary will pay a reduced fee.

The board have decided that Bursaries for Autscape 2019 will be:

Travel expenses may be considered as a reason for needing a fee bursary. They will not be covered as a separate award.

How and when to apply?

Please register as a participant first. As you register, tick the appropriate box on the registration form to let the registrar know that you are planning to apply for a bursary.

Once you have registered, fill in the bursary application form below and send it to us. If you have problems at any point, ask the chair of the bursary committee for help.

Applications should be made as early as possible during the registration period.

You may also apply after the registration period. A proportion of the funds will be set aside for applicants who are allocated places late.

Funds are limited, so to help as many people as possible to benefit from the bursary scheme, please only apply for the amount you need to enable you to go to Autscape.

What to expect?

You will have to justify why you would like a bursary. However, we will not expect you to list all your income and outgoings. We have made this as simple as possible on the application form.

You will receive a decision as soon as possible, but all decisions will be made no later than 2 weeks after registration has closed. The chair of the bursary committee will inform you about the decision. Until that time, the registrar will keep your place reserved, so you can decide whether to attend once you know whether you have received a bursary.

A bursary will not cover the full amount of your fee. In most cases, bursaries will be set amounts, and we anticipate awarding approximately:

Please note the above amounts are not restricted and the committee may vary the amount given.

To support as many people as possible to attend Autscape, a bursary will usually not be awarded to anyone who has received one in the last two years.

Important to remember!

It is essential that you let the registrar know that you will be applying for a bursary when you register. However, the registrar is not involved in the decision to allocate bursaries, so make sure you submit the application, as well. If you do not apply, and subsequently cannot afford your fee, it may be too late to be awarded a bursary, and you may lose your place.

Bursary application form

Please fill out our online bursary application form if possible and convenient for you.

Alternatively, use our PDF bursary application form.

To contact the chair of the bursary committee, email bursary@autscape.org.

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