Travel information

This page about Autscape 2018 is of historical interest only. Go to the home page for current information.


The address for travel questions is: .

Local Train Station

According to Google Maps it is a 15 to 20 minute walk from Tonbridge train station to the area of the venue we'll be holding registration on the first day of Autscape.

There are a number of bus routes that pick up at the station and drive to the venue. Approximate journey times (bus and then walk) are ten minutes.

There is a taxi rank at Tonbridge station.

There will be an Autscape organiser at Tonbridge train station from 1:30pm to 4pm to assist you find your bus, or taxi or show you the way to the venue. They will be wearing a blue Autscape sleeveless jacket. It may say Autscape on its back.

Airports to Tonbridge Station

Timings are taken from Google maps.

Parking at the venue

There are two car parks at the venue. One for most participants and one only for people who prebooked the parking for accessibility.

Participant carpark

Please park in the correct carpark. You want the one that has the sign saying "Main Car Park and Sports Pitches". Tonbridge School. The car park is long and narrow just as you enter that turn. You will see it as soon as you turn it.

If you pre-booked parking for accessibility we will contact you with postcode of the carpark to use. If you have not heard from us leave a note on your booking asking for it.

There will be volunteers in both car parks from 1:30pm to 4:30pm to direct you to the path that leads to registration. Volunteers wear blue hi-vis sleeveless vests.

There is another car park along the London Road that is not the correct one. It is labelled "Tonbridge School Avenue Entrance.

Arriving by taxi

You can use the avenue entrance if you are arriving by taxi or being dropped off by someone who is going away as soon as you get out of the car. We will try to have a volunteer (blue hivis vest) in this area as well to direct people. If you can't find them and need them then wait. They may be showing someone else the way to registration or the programme area.

Arriving on foot

Use whichever entrance is most convenient.

Registration: See this page.


If you need help with your travel arrangements email