Venue do's and don'ts

This page about Autscape 2018 is of historical interest only. Go to the home page for current information.

Venue Do's and Don'ts


Children must be accompanied by adults. Children must not be left alone in the boarding houses without an adult. A child is anyone under 18 years of age.

Autscape runs a creche for the children. The creche staff are sending us some questions for parents. These will be passed along when we receive them. If you are not sure if you've booked your child into the creche, then book them in by leaving a note on your booking.

Boarding Houses

Each boarding house has a PIN for the outside doors. Please do not share your PIN with anyone. If a PIN is leaked out Autscape has to pay to get a new one.

Always ensure the outside doors close after you. Shut the ground floor communal windows at night and when no one is likely to be in the house.

Recycle your rubbish. There are various green-lidded and labelled recycling bins throughout the house.

Raise the alarm if you encounter a fire.

Please do not take food into the bedrooms.

Each house has communal places for eating and drinking.

Do not open fire doors (except in emergency). They may be alarmed.

Please respect the property in the house. Should anything break please let your house overseer or one of the Autscape organisers know.

The house staff live in buildings beside the houses. They will not disturb us and we are not to disturb them. Their entrance will be marked as private. Please do not ask them questions. If you need assistance come to the registration desk or ask your house overseer.

The registration desk will be open in the mornings between 8am and 10:45am and again from 11:45am to 1pm. House issues must be with us by 10:45am. The venue's Housekeeping team leave at 2pm and we need to pass issues to them in good time.

House Information Sheet

You will receive a house information sheet in your registration pack, this will tell you

Please take a few minutes to locate your closest two fire exits and where your fire assembly point.

The house fire practise will be on the Tuesday night after dinner. It will be a silent practise meaning the alarms will not ring. They will if there is a real fire.

Electrical Items

You may bring small electrical items. Large ones are not allowed unless they have recently been PAT tested and have a sticker to show this. The following count as small devices: Laptop, tablet, mobile, CPAP sleep device, night light. The following don't: Microwave, kettle, lamp, hair straighteners, hair dryer.


Most people park in the school's general car park (TN10 1JP). If you need to park outside your house to drive to the programme area you must book this in advance by leaving a note on your booking to say why you need this and giving your car model and registration number. Some houses have more space than others.

Priority for places goes to people who told us they need this at the time of registration.


House Gardens should not be used after 10pm. This is to keep noise down for the neighbours.


There is no smoking or vaping allowed on site or in the boarding houses or their grounds.