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State of Booking

We have non residential places available for each day.

Residential booking has closed. If you want to attend Autscape on a residential basis see this document for how to proceed.

Non residential Booking

People who are attending on a non residential basis can come for the whole conference, three days, two days or one day as they prefer.

Follow this link to book.

Non residential means you don't spend the night at the venue.

Day bookings FAQ

If you know which days you wish to attend on, you can go ahead and book.

If you are waiting to hear which day a presentation is scheduled for, then please email When we have the information we can let you know.

We are holding some places back for when this information is ready. We hope it will be ready for 19 July; some presenters will have their day decided on before that date.

The last day to book non residential is 31 July (subject to places being available).

Nearby Hotels

Bursary scheme to help with costs for non residential people (fee, travel, carer,...)

If you need assistance to pay for a carer or dependent to accompany you, or with the fee or travel please take a look at our bursary scheme. Book first, then apply for a bursary if you need one.

There is a box to tick on the booking form if you are applying for a bursary. When you have submitted your booking please return the bursary application form (PDF).

The bursary scheme is ran by the Autscape trustees. It is funded by donations. The board have more information about its rules and policies here.

You are expected to have applied for a bursary within two weeks of booking. We do not yet have the final deadline for one and two day bookings.

If there is a queue for places

How we manage a queue for places

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