Registration & fees


Price to attend an Autscape presentation

  1. There is a flat fee of £10.00 to attend one Autscape presentation.
  2. To attend two consecutive lectures costs £15.00.
  3. To attend for some of the morning (9am to 12:30pm) or an afternoon (2pm to 6:15pm) with no more than three and a half hours on site in total costs £20.

There is a maximum of two 'one presentation' bookings allowed per person or a maximum of one other type of presentation booking. No meals are included in any of the above options. You are welcome to join in the mid morning and mid afternoon coffee break if one of the presentations you have booked is directly before or directly after one. The morning and afternoon options include the mid morning / mid afternoon coffee break.

The list of presentations is further down this page.

How to Book

Email with your name and any dietary requirements you may have that could be applicable to a coffee break (biscuits or cake). Also state how you wish to pay (cheque, bank transfer or Paypal).

  1. If booking for one presentation please tell us which presentation.
  2. If booking for two consecutive presentations please tell us both their names. If the schedule isn't out yet tell us the name of the main presentation you are attending.
  3. If booking for a morning or afternoon please state which presentation you wish to attend or which morning or afternoon you are booking for: Wednesday morning, Wednesday afternoon, Thursday morning, Thursday afternoon or Friday morning.

Due to a very high demand for places this year we do not have the capacity to allow people upgrade their bookings. All places are limited. Bookings are taken on a first come first served basis subject to payment within seven days. All payment must be received by 25 July.

Presentation Details

More information about each presentation will appear in due course in the programme section of the website. If you would like further information about a presentation or which day it is likely to be on email Martijn who is our programme coordinator using the address

The closing date for bookings and payment is 18 July.

What's available and not available

Currently all presentations and all half days have places available. (19 June 2017).