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This page about Autscape 2014 is of historical interest only. Go to the home page for current information.

Travelling to Norwich train station

Useful Sites:

Direct train links to Norwich station

Train timetabling information

To plan your train journey use National Rail's website. Remember to use Autscape's arranged transport you must have arrived at Norwich train station by 4:30pm (tell us if you will be travelling on the London service timetabled to arrive at 4:27pm).

If you are using Autscape's arranged transport for the return journey, book services which leave after 2:45pm.

Coach / Bus travel to Norwich

If you need further assistance please email registrar@autscape.org. We cannot purchase tickets for you.

Transport Policy

Working out how to get to Autscape, buying tickets and organising your journey is your own responsibility. We do our best to provide some basic advice and information on transport options to help people coming to the conference because we understand that many autistics find this challenging. But this information is provided by volunteers who are also autistic and are working hard to organise the Autscape conference. So if you need a lot of support to plan and arrange your particular journey, you need to get tha t support from family, friends or other support people. The responsibility for making sure that you actually arrive safely at Autscape is yours.