Arranged transport

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For an extra supplement of £10 Autscape provides optional transport between Norwich train station to the venue and back again. You need to arrange your own transport to Norwich railway station to use this service. Please remember that UK train tickets are significantly cheaper if you book them early.

Autscape Arranged Transport

Plan for Monday 4th August

Plan for Thursday 7th August

For further information about this service, please contact

Other notes

If you will not be travelling at the times Autscape runs its service at, or from Norwich Rail station, you need to make your own arrangements and pay for that transport yourself.

About Norwich Train Station

Norwich train station is a terminus; the services either start or end there. It is not very big.

Norwich train station has a few coffee shops, a small mini supermarket and a book and newspaper shop, it also has cash points and an information desk. The person who will be liaising with the taxis will be in the main foyer where the seats are laid out in a circular formation. Due to the shape of this foyer area it is easy to find people.

There are some payphones in the foyer area. In the UK calling mobiles from payphones is expensive, and usually the Autscape contact person has a mobile. Mobiles have a connection fee of 40p and then cost 10p per 12 seconds. There is a minimum cost of 60p for any phone call type.

If you live in the UK it may be cheaper to phone a relative and have them phone the mobile on your behalf. National (and local) calls have a 40p connection fee and then cost 10p for 15 minutes. Again there is a minimum call charge of at least 60p.

Information about Norwich Train station can be found at:

Norwich station has a taxi rank. Alternatively you can pre-book your taxi. Below are two taxi companies we found online. There are plenty of other Norwich taxi companies as well.