Trip to SPACE (Nov 9)

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Autscape trip to SPACE

Sadly, no, not 'outer' space. This is SPACE the multi-sensory centre in Preston, Lancashire. Autscape has booked this fabulous and rather large sensory room as its first activity outside the main Autscape residential conference. You do not have to be a member or otherwise affiliated with Autscape to come. You don't even have to be autistic, but it will, of course, follow the Autscape ethos of putting autistic needs first and foremost. This message may be reproduced and distributed anywhere.

Summary of essential information:

9 November 2013
5-7pm (time beforehand in the gardens if desired)
£5 per person per hour (so £10 for the whole session). Discount for personal assistants (see below).
The SPACE Centre Preston


Transport from Preston railway station will be arranged at cost. The trip is about 2 miles, so this shouldn't be much in shared taxis, but the price is not available right now. This can be paid for in advance or on the day, but must be paid prior to travel. Transport will be arranged for the most convenient possible times between train arrivals and session start times.

Personal assistants (carers who are necessary to enable someone to attend) who enter the sensory room may come at a reduced rate of £2 per hour. Those who do not need to come in, perhaps who are needed only for help with transport, may come free of charge. There are places to wait in the building. The assistants' discount does not apply to people who happen to be carers (e.g. parents of autistic children) who are not attending in their capacity as an assistant for someone else. There is no discount for transport because it is charged per seat.

Payment in advance will secure your place if we are over-subscribed. However, payment on the day is possible if there is availability. Please check with us before making the trip!

If there is sufficient interest, we can also book a social/cafe area where snacks may be consumed and socialising can happen (optional, as ever). There are also beautiful traditional gardens available to explore before the session, but the weather may not cooperate in November and they will close at nightfall.

You may come and go from the sensory room at any time during your booked time there.


I realise the time of day is not ideal. This is the best we could get in the next few months. If this event is successful, similar events are likely in future, perhaps at a time that is accessible to some who can't make a Saturday evening.

Contacting us:

We strongly prefer to communicate by e-mail. However, if you really must phone, e.g. to find out if there is still space at the last minute, ring or text: 07511 774 654