2013 Theme Description

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Autscape 2013: 'Finding a voice'

(last updated Feb. 6th, 2013)

While autistics are often described as lacking communication abilities, more and more autistics are expressing themselves in various forms, through various means. In this year's programme, we wish to explore how autistics are 'Finding a voice', both literally and metaphorically, in various walks of life.

A literal interpretation of the theme could include a session on assertiveness in personal relationships or at work, or a workshop on augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) methods.

A more metaphorical exploration could include initiatives such as autistic-run organisations, conferences, forums and blogs, as well as autistic-authored essays and books. It may also include autistic involvement in wider projects, in which both autistics and non-autistics work together to achieve mutual goals. In addition, it may include various ways in which autistics are being heard more and more within mainstream society, be it in academic publications and conferences, newspapers and magazines, various autistic-friendly workplaces, and many other topics.

The theme is meant to inspire presenters as well as to provide some coherence to the programme, not to be overly restrictive, so feel free to be creative in its application. Presentations which seek to develop this theme will be given priority; however, any suitable topics will be given consideration.