Minutes of February 2011 meeting

Autscape Management Committee Meeting Minutes
Meeting date: Sunday 20th February 2011
Meeting time: 1pm

Meeting chair: Stephen

Present: Elaine, Kalen (left early due to illness), Katja, Martijn, Peter,
Stephen, Trish.  Apologies: Yo

1.      Ratifications

1.1.   The committee unanimously ratified the decision to approve the
minutes of the January meeting.

2.      Proposals

2.1.   The committee decided to subsidise a site manager (6 in favour, 2

2.2.   The committee decided unanimously to delegate a non-committee member
(Robin v. S.) to organise the setup of a sensory room at Autscape. (In
consultation with the Venue Coordinator as necessary)

2.3.   It was noted that a proposal on the fees is not yet ready and this
issue was deferred.

3.      Follow ups

3.1.   Proposals deadline. There was a brief discussion of the state of
proposals to present at Autscape 2011. It was noted that a number of
proposals likely to be more than sufficient has been received. It was
further noted that, if the programme were felt to be weak in specific areas,
it would be most appropriate to deal with this by specific invitation rather
than a further general call. It was therefore agreed that no extension to
the deadline is needed.

3.2.   Membership database. Peter reported that, although not finished, the
membership database should be ready for testing by the end of today. He
noted that entries will provide the member's address, and a communication
preference for formal company related information (AGM notice etc). He
explained that the separate mailing lists for members for each year will be
replaced with a single mailing list for the current members. He asked anyone
who wants additional information recorded to let him know asap.

3.3.   Review progress on newsletter. The committee noted that Alexis
(newsletter w.g. chair) is moving things along quite well.

4.      Subcommittee Progress Reports (suggested topics listed)

4.1.   Venue (2012). Kalen reported no progress on the search for a future

4.2.   Tech (proposal form issues, paypal button). Peter reported that he
hasn't done any work on the PayPal button and Kalen noted that the proposal
form works fine.

4.3.   Publications/publicity (advertising, brochure draft). Martijn
reported that the Asperger United ad was submitted in time for the deadline
and that work has not yet started on the brochure.

4.4.   Constitution (progress on governance policy). Yo reported (by proxy)
that sc-cons has made a little progress but not enough. She intends to try
to get things moving faster.

4.5.   Fundraising (progress on fundraising). Yo made the following report
(by proxy). Sc-fund has been making steady progress with issues around
membership, but is still feeling the lack of a membership database as yet.
We would like to make the following recommendations to the main committee:
(1) That there should be a member's discount on the fees equal to the
membership fee
(2) That the newsletter should be seen as a membership benefit and sent out
to members only (although there should not be any restriction on members
passing it on to non-members)
(3) That, for the time being, Autscape avoids making any promises to our
members about providing a set number of newsletters per year.
(4) That Autscape members should receive a 10% discount on merchandise
purchased at Autscape (the person who takes on responsibility for
merchandise this year may need to make some price adjustments to accommodate

4.6.   Youth (hiding email addresses, funding, recruitment, childcare
booking). Elaine reported that the hiding of email addresses has been sorted
out. She also reported that she has been looking into mobile crèches and
intends to report to the sc this week. Peter requested estimated costs to
help with setting the fees. Elaine was hopeful that these would be available
by the end of the week.

4.7.   Programme (timetable for proposal decisions, subsidy decision(s),
leisure issues). Trish reported that sc-prog now needs to discuss the
received proposals. She would like to get the leisure call out fairly soon
but is aware of the need to look at the wording. There was a brief
discussion of the ideal number of presentations for the programme and
general agreement that 7 is about right, although this may need to be
revisited if there are a particularly high number of strong proposals. There
was also generally favourable comment on last year's format with short
presentations followed by concurrent discussions.

5.      Key position progress reports (matters not covered earlier)

5.1.   Venue coordinator. Kalen reported (by proxy) that this year's venue
has been secured.

5.2.   Treasurer (accountant). Peter reported that he has emailed the
accountants that Yo suggested (caseonline.org.uk) with a description of who
we are, and what we
need, and an indication of the scale of work involved. He is waiting for a
response and hopes that they may offer a more reasonable quote than we have
previously received.

5.3.   Company Secretary (CRBs, charity form). Yo made the following report
(by proxy). Unfortunately very little has changed since last month due to
factors beyond our control. We are still waiting for the CRB checks to be
complete (prolonged delays are not an uncommon problem with enhanced checks
unfortunately). I have finished the draft of the charity form in
consultation with our solicitor. He is now happy that it reflects all of our
proposed objects. I still need to post on to him the letter which Peter has
provided to me, confirming that Autscape (in its present form) will transfer
funds to the new company once charity registration is achieved. But I will
do that next week. So, in short,
we are now ready to go as soon as the CRB get their act together.

5.4.   Chair (Stephen as interim Jan-Feb chair). Stephen had nothing to
report. Kalen stated (by proxy) that she is looking forward to taking up the
reigns this month and hopes we get lots done.

6.      Any other business

6.1.   Peter noted that it would be helpful for the new members of the
committee to have information about the procedure for selecting
presentations and Trish agreed to post to the committee list on that topic.

Please note that, under the current rota, Kalen became interim committee
Chair following this meeting until the March meeting.