Minutes of 27 March 2021 meeting

Minutes of meeting of the Board of Directors of the Autscape Organisation
Meeting date: 27th March 2021
Meeting time: 14:00 GMT
Meeting Chair: Martijn
Present: Fergus, Heta, James, Jeremy, Kalen, Martijn, Richard, Elaine (from 14:18)
No apologies.
No observers.

1. Approvals

1.1. Minutes of the 27th February meeting, posted to the list on 23rd March.

The minutes were approved, 7 for.

2. Ratifications

No ratifications.

3. Proposals

3.1. Autscape dates

3.1.1. Kalen proposed to hold Autscape (online) for 5 days in the period between 19 July and 28 July 2021.

The motion was carried, 8 for.

3.1.2. Kalen proposes that the first day of Autscape is:

A. Monday
B. Tuesday
C. Wednesday
D. Thursday
E. Friday
F. Saturday

Option E (Friday) was carried, 7 for.

23 July was set as the starting date of Autscape 2021.

3.2. Kalen proposed that Elaine, James and Kalen form an interim sub-committee who will put together an organising team and begin preliminary organisation of Autscape 2021 pending a full event proposal at the April meeting.

The motion was carried, 8 for.

4. Follow-ups

No follow-ups

5. Role reports

Venue search coordinator (Elaine) reported that she had spoken to Giggleswick, told them about cancelling the reservation, and asking for the deposit back. She was waiting to hear from them.

There were no other reports.

6. Any Other Business

Kalen suggested that the board should consider always convening a committee to sort out the organisers for the main event, instead of waiting for a group to organise themselves out and propose something.

Closed part of the meeting

7. Proposals

7.1 The chair proposed electing an event manager for Autscape 2021

Candidates: James and Kalen

Kalen suggested delegating the task to the interim sub-committee, which would make a proposal for the April meeting.

The proposal was amended to:

Kalen proposes that the board delegate to James, Kalen and Elaine the task of nominating people for the organising team roles and formulating the event proposal.

The motion was carried as amended, 8 for.

7.2 The treasurer proposed that the board consider whether

7.2.1 Autscape will contribute financially to the event

7.2.2 the board want to lower, raise or maintain the reserves, which should be taken into consideration for the business plan

The Treasurer recommended that Autscape neither contributes to the event nor aims to lower the reserves. A large amount of money is tied up in the Hayes deposit.

The attendance fee and the cost of Zoom resources were discussed. It was concluded fees would be included in the event proposal.

8. Any other business

Kalen asked if there was any objection to advertising the dates as soon as the pre-organising committee were ready. There were no objections.

Fergus suggested that he could reach out to potential speakers from marginalised and under-represented populations, including internationally, once the Call for Proposals was live.

The theme for Autscape 2021 was discussed. Fergus pointed out that the Board had voted on a theme (Fulfilment / Thriving) for 2021 in October 2019. It was agreed that the organising team would formulate the final theme as part of the event proposal.

The meeting was closed at 16:06.