Minutes of 2 January 2021 meeting

Minutes of meeting of the Board of Directors of the Autscape Organisation
Meeting date: 2nd January 2021
Meeting time: 14:00 GMT
Meeting Chair: Martijn
Present: Fergus, Heta, Jenny, Jeremy, Martijn, Richard, Elaine (Company secretary)
Absent: James
Apologies: Kalen
One observer

1. Approvals
1.1. Minutes of the 28th November 2020 meeting posted to the list on 31st December
It was pointed out that the fundraising coordinator's report needed to be moved to the correct place in the reports list.
The minutes were approved subject to the proposed amendment, 6 for.

2. Ratifications
No ratifications.

3. Proposals
3.1. The Company Secretary proposed changing the AGM date agreed at the previous meeting.
Suitable dates and the need for online registration and voting systems were discussed. The proposal was amended to:

3.1. The Company Secretary proposes changing the date of the AGM to Saturday 6th February at 2pm GMT.

The motion was carried as amended, 6 for.

4. Follow-ups
4.1. Payment of the Giggleswick deposit
Elaine clarified that the Giggleswick deposit had been carried over from the previous year.
4.2. Members list and membership database
Jeremy had updated the membership email list with the contact details of some new members. The numerical ID was not fully up to date, because some members had not responded to messages about choosing passwords for their user accounts.
4.3. Autscape videos on Youtube
Fergus reported that nearly all the videos of presentations were on YouTube, but still unlisted. Having audience members' names mentioned in connection with questions read out loud by others was discussed.

5. Role reports
The Chair requested those with reports to present them.
5.2. The Company Secretary reported that it was necessary to press on with the data protection policy. She was starting the writing of the next Annual report. She planned to hold a training meeting after the AGM about the Events policy and other topics.

6. Any Other Business
6.1. The chair proposed a committee to be established to view the content of the videos prior to approval of the board and publication. The committee will consist of Fergus, Heta and Elaine.
The motion was carried, 6 for
6.2. The chair proposed that the board delegate the power to approve and publish the videos to the committee established in 6.1.
The motion was carried, 6 for

Closed part of the meeting
7. Proposals
7.1. The Honorary Secretary proposed that the board respond to (name redacted)'s request for information regarding the decision about Amazon Smile.
The proposal was amended by the Chair to:

7.1. The Chair proposes sending his draft response after incorporating Richard's suggestion

The motion was carried as amended, 6 for.

8. Any other business
Elaine brought up the question of which nominees the board would recommend for re-election. It was concluded that the nominees could rely on their own write-ups instead of being recommended.

The meeting was closed at 16.17.